Peculiar Pakalolo Proposal Pitched

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Representative Rida Cabanilla has proposed a bill to allow the growing and export of marijuana products as the solution for the state’s growing unfunded liabilities.


“This is something we already know how to do,” said Cabanilla.  “And the market is getting bigger every day.” 

Ironically, the bill does not legalize the use of the marijuana products in Hawaii that our local workers would be exposed to during the growing, product manufacture, packaging and distribution.  The operations would employ thousands of people who would never legally be able to possess their own products. 

Cabanilla admitted she did expect a little “cock-a-roaching.”

“We already have established brands that are known worldwide…like Kona Gold, Puna Buds, Maui Wowie!” continued Cabanilla. “We just need to get the state behind large scale agricultural operations and promotions.”

Cabanilla has been consulting with marketing whiz Habin Aghoudtime, who is in charge of Afghanistan’s burgeoning opium poppy exporting business, and is considered to be an expert in international drug distribution.