Pelosi Backwards On "Tea Parties" and GOP

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Democrats continue to bounce between occasional brief attempts at pandering
to grassroots America, and their more innate reversion to unrestrained
contempt for the beliefs and sentiments of the heartland. In the process,
they reveal a willingness to resort to any concocted lie in hopes of fooling
enough of the people, enough of the time, to advance their insidious agenda.

In a February 28 interview on ABC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA)
engaged in the sort of doublespeak that has earned her the anger and nearly
universal distrust of the American people. It hardly seems believable that,
only a mere three years ago, Pelosi was a virtual unknown among common
citizens. Yet since her ascendancy to the speakership of the House of
Representatives in 2007 Pelosi’s name, like that of Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid (D.-NV) and Barack Obama, has become synonymous with the
dangerous radicalism of the American left.


At times all three have attempted to hide their anti-American agenda behind
a pathetic veneer of “centrism.” And on every occasion that they revert to
such behavior, they reveal a disingenuousness so extreme, and so rife with
contempt for the intelligence of their target constituency, that they become
an embarrassment to all but their most blindly devoted minions.

Pelosi’s appearance this past weekend was classic. But despite being a
predictable repeat of past appearances as an exhibition of arrogance and
deceitfulness, her frequently contradictory remarks need to be deciphered to
fully expose the reality of modern liberalism, and the sordid tactics she
will use to implement it. Like Barack Obama and Harry Reid, while
intermittently presenting seemingly reasonable platitudes, Nancy Pelosi
inadvertently paraded the leftist agenda in all of its self-exalting

In the latest Democrat attempt to divide and conquer real America, Pelosi
advanced the notion that the “Tea Party” movement has been “hijacked” by the
Republican Party. Her obvious intent was to create an ideological schism in
the conservative movement that has coalesced during the past year, and now
arguably threatens to serve a much needed eviction notice to the Democrat
dominated political machine currently running Washington.

Yet her claim could not be any more inverted from reality. If anything, it
is the “Tea Party” movement that has expanded its influence within the
Republican Party, emboldening conservatives from Mainstreet to the Senate
floor to stand resolute for the principles on which the party and the nation
were founded. And it is undeniable that the effect on the GOP has been
overwhelmingly positive.

In stark contrast to the general acquiescence and timidity of a year ago,
several bright stars are arising, who may well succeed in reshaping the
character of the party. No longer defined by its “moderate” wing, such
outspoken conservatives as Representatives Michelle Bachman (R.-MN) and Paul
Ryan (R.-WI) are increasingly putting the Democrats to flight with their
scathing, bold (and accurate) assessments of the dire repercussions of the
Democrat agenda.

Admittedly, some among the Republican “Old Guard,” who gave the party such a
bad name in recent years, have recognized the magnitude of this groundswell
and are now attempting to morph into it just as they would any other
political bandwagon. Senator John McCain, whose “centrism” was soundly
rejected by America in the 2008 presidential election, clearly sought to
establish just such an image at the Obama health-care circus last week.

This was not the “bipartisan” McCain who so frequently infuriated
conservative Republicans with his regular betrayals of the party when making
deals with the Democrats. But McCain’s sudden “awakening” should surprise no
one. Back home in Arizona, he faces a primary challenge from former
Congressman J.D. Hayworth, a real conservative whose past record clearly
aligns with the concerns and sentiments of the “Tea Party” movement.

Yet as undeniable as it is that the upsurge of grassroots conservatism has
now gotten McCain’s attention, it is glaringly obvious that the Democrats
are absolutely terrified of it. Pelosi’s “back and forth” during the
interview could not be construed in any other manner. In an exemplary
instance of the projection that so typifies liberalism, Pelosi perpetrated
her own attempt at the very sort of “hijacking” of which she accused the

While maintaining in one breath that the “Tea Party” phenomenon is not truly
representative of a grassroots movement, and having accepted the despicably
derisive characterization of the movement as “tea baggers” (a reference to
perverse sexual acts) by fellow Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York, Pelosi
then made a lame attempt to build a bridge. Perhaps hoping that the
intelligence of “Tea Party” constituency equaled that of her own party’s
most gullible members, she asserted that the conservative coalition “shares
some common ground with Democrats, such as their dislike of the special
interests in Washington.”

Real America knows how much genuineness and sincerity it can ultimately
expect from the Democrats the moment they think they have the upper hand.
Once the initial shock of the Scott Brown election in Massachusetts wore
off, any vestiges of Democrat penitence over their arrogance and
indifference to the nation similarly dissipated. Now they are back to using
every foul means at their disposal to inflict socialized medicine on

So, while pillaging the national treasury, destroying the free and
capitalistic system that once propelled America to the pinnacle of world
economies, and daily attacking traditional freedoms with the threat of
government intrusion, Pelosi and her cohorts want to cast doubts on the
intentions of the Republicans and offer themselves as the better
alternative? It promises to be an interesting 2010 election season.

‘Christopher G. Adamo has been active in Wyoming politics for many years and is a managing partner in Best American Buy (, an e-commerce business that markets American made products including the incomparable Abigail Adams Bedspread Set from Bates Mills. Contact information for Chris Adamo, and his archives, can be found at’