Performing Bear Show Should Not Be Allowed in Hawaii

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Grizzly experienceBy Cathy Goeggel – Animal Rights Hawai’i has learned that the performing bear show scheduled for display at the 50th state fair later this month violated the federal Animal Welfare Act in January, 2013.

“BooBoo,” a 100-pound, year-old bear escaped from the Grizzly Experience enclosure in Naples, Florida. He spent three days at large and was finally caught by Florida Fish and Wildlife.


USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service cited the owner twice for inadequate facilities and security.

In 2011, the show owner was also cited for perimeter issues.

We wonder how the State of Hawai’i Dept. of Agriculture approved the potentially dangerous show that includes three bears, one of whom is 600 pounds.

ARH calls for an end to the tawdry traveling animal shows that exploit animals, subject them to long distance transport and put the people of Hawai’i at risk.


Cathy Goeggel is the President of Animal Rights Hawai’i