Pflueger Will Learn Fate on Federal Tax Charges Today

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James Pflueger

Jimmy Pflueger will be back in U.S. District Court today at 9 a.m. to learn whether he will be found guilt or innocent of federal tax fraud charges.

The 86-year-old retired automobile dealer – who founded the Pflueger dealerships – is charged with fling false tax returns after IRS agents said he hid $15 million in a Swiss bank account.


U.S. District Judge Leslie Kobayashi will announce her ruling, after Pflueger opted for a non-jury trial.

Pflueger, who has assets of $71 million, is one of Hawaii’s wealthiest residents.

Pflueger’s accountant, Dennis Duban, testified that Pflueger sent his money overseas to protect his assets after he was sued over the breach of his Ka Loko Dam in 2006.

The breach killed 7 people including a pregnant mother and a two-year old child and caused millions of dollars in damages.

Pflueger’s defense team has claimed Pflueger’s signature was forged on key documents, that he was unaware of the tax fraud; and that his California accountant, Dennis Duban, took more than $2 million from him.

His son, two dealership employees and his accountant have already pled guilty to federal tax charges and will be sentenced in April.





  1. I seriously hope this is just the beginning of Jimmy Pflueger starting to pay for his crimes against the people he has hurt and stolen from and the government he has screwed. Enough of him paying off lawyers to buy time . . .the man should have already been in jail. Hopefully his son will also be sent to jail. This family is so corrupt. They do nothing for anyone but themselves and continue to act as if they are above the law. I cannot understand why anyone would but a vehicle or real estate trom them.

    • It appears you're like everybody else, guessing and supposing…what 'facts' do you base all this stuff on..your an idiot and a us some facts

  2. People that attack folks, sucessfull folks based on hyperbolla, enuendo, rumors should be dealt with in the courts. Most of the folks on this comment section do not know this man, never even met him, had no dealings with him…only dislike him because he's sucessfull…..accidents can happen and they do and sometimes they're just an unfortunate 'Act of God'

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