Physical Intimidation, Threats, Should Not Be Used to Trample Free Speech at Hawaii Legislature

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BY Richard Klemm – Physical intimidation and psychological terrorism  are the everyday tools radical activists employ to trample the free speech of others, such as experienced by Agricultural Day representatives Dean Okimoto and Shin Ho on March 28 at the legislature by anti-GMO activists.

It’s important to know who are these activists behind this war against democracy and biotech.
First among them are unethical organic marketers, locally and nationally, who have been disparaging conventional farm products for decades and, now biotech products.
Why? Because purveyors of organic foods have nothing unique to offer their customers except higher prices and slightly elevated risks of biological contamination.
Right behind them are anti-humanist groups, both local and national, who have found terrorizing the public with outrageous claims and distortions of the truth can be quite profitable.
For some of these activist groups it’s not so much the biotech food products, it’s the corporations they hate. And they hate us human beings as a scourge of the earth.

Should the activists win, millions more people will die prematurely and the earth will suffer mightily.

This guest editorial was submitted by Richard Klemm, a resident of 
Kailua, Hawaii





  1. Please watch "Tell Monsanto To Stop Poisoning Hawaii" and "Genetic Roulette" and try to understand the TRUTH about these issues, and the reason for the HEARTfelt concern is for the future of our children. The corporations are poisoning us for profit. I have been a DOE teacher for 30 yrs. – I know how to research and distinguish truth from lies and corruption. Activists are MOMS and DADS, concerned citizens trying to express their Freedom of Speech and to stand up against the politicians whose pockets are full of dirty Biotech $$ (Monsanto – Google it) – not terrorists as you would have the 'sheep' believe. Think for yourself, seek the truth and join the movement to regain our FREEDOM. GMO Free Hawaii. EXPECT US!

  2. Physical intimidation and psychological terrorism? By who? Moms pushing strollers? Because that's the majority of who is making the fuss! Go ahead, look at who is taking a stand against GMOs… it's the MOMS. I am a mom and I want my food labeled! I want to know what I feed my family and I have the right to know what's in the food source. This is not a threat to free speech, far from it, and if one is intimidated by a stroller and a strong voice of a concerned parent, then maybe you should redefine who the radical activists really are.

    • Absolutely preposterous article! To have the freedom to say "food made (by chemists not farmers) with herbicides inside and out is not something I want thrust down my throat without any labeling" is somehow going against democracy??? It is the other way around. It is the bio tech industry buying politicians that is killing democracy. It has always been the consumer who determines what will sell. Not anymore. The claims made by Richard Klemm are nonsense. Thank you Tracy! Yes it is US MOMS against the giant powerful and rich biotech industry, trying to protect our children from the "poisons for profit" that are destroying our freedom to choose!

  3. What a bunch of BS this Dick Klemm has spun. Dick you should go work for Big Ag or even better FOX news. Who are these organic farmers who can't be trusted? SO you trust that Monsanto has your best interest at hand? Trusting them that this time around they aren't misleading you by exposing you to a harmful substance like they did with saccharin, DDT, PSB's and Agent Orange. Name one time an organic farmer has introduced something that can harm you like these killer products. As far as I can tell you didn't witness or even watch the video of Shin Ho and Dean Okimoto confront the mothers that were expressing their 1st amendment rights to attend the AG Day informational session at our states capitol. The video clearly shows Dean saying "we don't appreciate being filmed" as he pushes the camera from the lady that was walking around video taping the days activities. It is the "radical activist" (as you call them) whose rights have been infringed upon and all of rights to know whats in the food we feed to our children.

  4. I can't even believe this article came from this planet. If ever there was an example of an argument, or in this instance terrorist behavior being turned on it's head, it is perpetrated here, by someone I won't even begin to gratify by repeating his name: Monsanto's Legacy speaks for itself: On the very surface Monsanto has completely flip flopped on the right of folks to know: Now they spend millions upon millions to quash any attempt a labeling.

    But the ramifications of their sins against Nature, whether it be the remarkable vanishing of bees or of birds, or what will eventually be revealed with regard human consumption of seeds grown wholly drenched in a glosphate stew. I'm not going to write a treatise on Monsanto, but I encourage anyone and everyone to educate themselves on the matter. And once you have a cursory understanding of the immorality of this business model, I invite you to come back, read this article, and I assure you that you will feel the rage that rises in me to see so wholesale a categorization of truly a amoral entity that has pervaded death, in one form or another since 1902.

    The usurpation of Federal agencies has been completed: If you produce milk from non GMO cows, by law you must label your milk that it isn't proven that growth hormone infused milk, has not been proven to be worse than milk produced from cows not so infused: If you grow an organic crop free of pesticides, you will find yourself in court simply by mentioning this product does not contain GMO……..You will also find absolute silence, even on what are referred to as liberal media outlets. This is one of the most important issues of our time and it is relegated to nearly complete obscurity: It has no mainstream reference point, and therefore, the tactic will be to portray any and all who speak out, anyone, to be a conspirator against science: Or a tree hugger, or an environmentalist. Just as any movement that comes from the hearts and souls of real human beings. We will be portrayed as radicals and crazy's: Even advancing something so completely sane, as having the right to know what you ingest, something for two decades Monsanto agreed with. Now we are radical and anti science: when really the science is not in, and there is sufficient science that points to the danger. And there is also the real reality that one speak out against Monsanto does so at their own Peril.

  5. The same type of people and certain other culprits such as the "non-profit" environmental groups, environmental lawyers and academicians/grant funded scientists are behind the plastic/paper bag ban, the soda deposit ripoff, global warming and other environmental causes which don't hold true. There is simply a lot of money to be earned by individuals and organizations in supporting these environmental causes whether the scientific basis for their allegations are truthful or not. How much bigger has the elusive giant floating garbage patch in the Pacific gotten in the last few hours? How many bold faced lies have been told by these people to achieve their goals?

      • Thank you for posting the actual video of this event so those not in attendance can see what actually transpired. Video doesn't lie and these culprits can't hide their actions.

  6. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is a comedy strip right??? This is the most I have laughed at a pro bio tech piece in a long time. If a mom with a stroller and a sign is scary then I am scary and as far as physical intimidation it was Dean who got in my face put his middle finger and pushed with keiki right there this is just funny to me thanks for the laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  7. Our "Guest: asks "How many bold faced lies have been told by these people to achieve their goals?" Is that Monsanto's mantra, I guess you need to review their track record again. What does a non profit have to gain(?) by getting the right to know whats in their food. Do they secretly own a printing shop that makes labels. I guess you're so proud of the ridiclous claims in your post that you posted as an anonymous "guest" full of all theses classic oxymoronic lines.

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