Police Release Details of 2007 Prostitution Arrest in Professor’s Apartment

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BY JIM DOOLEY AND MALIA ZIMMERMAN – A 38-year-old Asian female was arrested for prostitution inside University of Hawaii Professor Lawrence W. Boyd Jr.’s residence in 2007 after she agreed to have sex with an undercover police officer for $325, according to a police report released today.

HPD arrest photo of “Lisa”

The officer was investigating an X-rated website called “Volcano Girls” – the same service used by Hawaii Reporter to book a date with an escort in Boyd’s apartment earlier this month.


The outcome of the 2007 case isn’t known. The suspect’s name has been blacked out in the police report except for the first name she used, “Lisa.”

According to the report, HPD vice division officer Christopher Johnson, working undercover, booked the appointment with “Lisa” through Volcano Girls and was told the price of the service was $325.

Volcano Girls website

Johnson was given the entry code to apartment 1C at 250 Ohua Avenue in Waikiki – Boyd’s apartment – and was met at the door by “Lisa,” he said in his report.

After she explicitly agreed to perform sex acts, Johnson reported, he gave her $400.

Lisa left the room, then returned with $75 change and a condom, Johnson said in his report. He identified himself as a police officer and opened the apartment door to a team of arresting officers waiting in the hallway, the report said.

Boyd told Hawaii Reporter he knew nothing about the Volcano Girls escort service, was not involved in its activities and was unaware of a prostitution arrest in his apartment in May 2007.

University of Hawaii ProfessorLawrence Boyd

“In May of 2007, I think I was in San Francisco,” he said in a telephone interview on Friday.

A report on the May 15, 2007 incident, written by the then-resident manager of the 250 Ohua condominium project and obtained by Hawaii Reporter, said that after the police left, “the owner of unit 1C approached me and said that the girl (referring to the prostitute) came in to change clothes and that he didn’t know what was going on.”

Boyd has owned apartment 1C since 2006.

250 Ohua Avenue

The Volcano Girls website was taken down for maintenance Jan. 20 and now has disappeared completely.

A Hawaii Reporter staffer booked an appointment Jan. 20 with a Volcano Girls escort named “Kendra” which took place in a bedroom inside Boyd’s apartment at 250 Ohua Avenue.

Boyd said Jan. 24 he was not involved in The Volcano Girls operation but had heard reports “a year or so ago” that an escort service was operating out of his building at 250 Ohua Avenue.

The contact number listed on The Volcano Girls web site is registered to a woman named Lorraine Drake. Boyd said he rents a bedroom in his apartment to Drake, a “distant relative” of his wife, Michelle Lorraine Drake.

Lorraine Drake has been unreachable for comment. Boyd said he hasn’t seen or heard from her since Jan. 21.

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  1. Boyd’s voice was recorded during his questioning by investigative reporter Jim Dooley. Another male voice, this one by Ms. Drake’s pimp and quite similar to the Professor’s, was heard when KHNL aired the story. It should not be too difficult to determine whether they are indeed the same person.

  2. Where you guys been? When I lived in Waikiki, working girls using apts as their base of operations was not anything unusual, they didn’t even live there during the day. Old news. In that sense, I dunno if it’s fair to single out Boyd. And just take a guess, why the building’s apartment manager looks the other way while all this is going on. Tenants surely must mention the unusual nocturnal activity to the apt manager. Especially after a prostitute steals the client’s wallet and the estranged client returns back to the building and you can hear the argument in the street from the neigboring buildings. Or, in some stituations calls 911 to report the theft. Even hotel front desk people (graveyard shift) use to earn $20 side money by slipping a key to a prostitute and client. In Boyd’s type of case, the payoffs might go higher up if you know what I mean. But you do what you think is necessary.

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