Political Polls, Early Voting and Warthogs

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Ed Case, Mazie Hirono

Dueling Political Polls

The Star Advertiser and Hawaii News Now released a media poll yesterday conducted by Ward Research on July 12, which shows Hirono ahead Former Congressman Ed Case, D-Hawaii (2002-2007), 55 percent to 37 percent.


Case said yesterday three recent polls show him “virtually tied with Hirono and doing far better than her against Lingle in the general.”

Case criticized Ward Research’s track record, saying: “Just two weeks before our 2002 Governor primary against Hirono, that company’s poll had us down to Hirono by 20 points. On election day, Hirono prevailed by just 1 point and then went on to lose to Lingle in the general by 5 points.  In the 2010 Governor primary, the same company had Governor Abercrombie over Hannemann by just 5 points in the same timeframe, while another company, which polled our current race as tied, had Abercrombie up by 17 points. The final margin on election day was 17 points.”

Case and Hirono also met for the one and only network statewide televised debate that Hirono would agree to. The debate was livestreamed at www.hawaiinewsnow.com

Early Voting Options for Oahu Residents

The primary election is August 11, but the city will open voting sites on Monday if you want to vote early.

On Monday, July 30, through Thursday, August 9, you can cast your vote at Honolulu Hale Courtyard, Kapolei Hale and the Pali Golf Course Banquet Hall.

Make sure to get there between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

With virtually every legislator, two congress members, and a U.S. Senator up election, this is one of Hawaii’s most important election years. In addition, the mayor’s election could be decided in the primary election.

Make sure to get to the polls by August 11 to participate.

We are also posting several candidate profiles in conjunction with KHVH News Radio’s Rick Hamada, which allows you to hear from the candidates themselves before you vote.

Zoo Wants Help Naming Baby Warthogs

How do you feel about Warthogs?

The Honolulu Zoo has three new baby warthogs born May 8, and they want the public to help them choose their names.

If you visit the Zoo this summer, you can enter the contest.

The city said in a press release the winning names will be chosen by a committee of Zoo Mammal Keepers and will be announced on Monday, September 3, on the Zoo’s Facebook site.






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