Procrastination: Why the Resistance to Doing What Needs to Be Done?

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Many people wonder why, despite good intentions, they don’t achieve their goals. They begin many projects, but complete very few, if any. They have great plans, ideas, and hopes, but the result is always the same — unmet goals.


This is procrastination — an inhibiting emotional condition that robs people of accomplishment. Procrastination can deny success in many areas of life — financial, professional, academic and relationships. It is as destructive and consuming as many other addictions.

Here as some ideas on how to begin to resolve procrastination and maximize productivity.


Procrastination manifests as a failure to do or finish anything that one can avoid doing. There can be many reasons for this avoidance. Typically, procrastination results from low self-esteem which can cause a person to fear criticism and failure.

Consider Denise, a secretary, who still has some important letters to type. It’s quitting time, but she wants to work late to complete these tasks. Denise feels uncomfortable, worrying that if she stays late, her co-workers will judge her for being a workaholic or think she’s trying to gain favor with her boss. So Denise postpones typing the letters, thinking,