Professional Sportsman Need to Act Professional

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I read your piece on Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick and could not agree more. The professional sports in general really need to start behaving like professionals.

They know that
when they are in the spot light, there are young people who look up to them.
It maybe because of where the players, coaches or officials come from, young
people are always looking for a way to better themselves and their families.
It does disturb me that the NFL and Atlanta Falcons have not done more
against Vick.


I know that our judicial system is one where you are innocent
until proven guilty. With that being said, I believe that everyone must obey
the laws and be punished like the everyday Joe would be. The teams and
leagues must step up and make sure that bad behavior on or away from the
teams will not be tolerated.

Until that happens, we will still continue to
have poor personal behavior. The professionals are being paid very well and
need to be mindful that a contract is no good without good actions
throughout their lives.

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