Proposed rule changes will have major impacts on all Kona coffee farmers

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BY THE KONA COFFEE FARMERS ASSOCIATION – On Thursday, October 10, 2013, at 9:00 am at the West Hawaii Civic Center, Building G, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture will be holding a public hearing on proposed amendments to the Administrative Rules Relating to Coffee Standards.

These proposed rule changes will have major impacts on all Kona coffee farmers. Note that the final version of the amendments was not provided to Kona Coffee Farmers Association for review and comment prior to issuance of the Notice of Hearing.


Take a look at the comments, issues, and concerns about the rule changes that have been submitted so far by various KCFA members. They are posted here: Among those issues and concerns are:

**Will “Home Roaster” Sales of Less-Than-Wholesale-Quantities of Green Coffee Be Adversely Affected?

**Are The Hawaii Coffee Grade Descriptions Deceptive and Damaging to Kona?

**Why is the HDOA Proposing to Charge $48/Page For Certificate Copies?

**Will the HDOA No Longer Issue Cost-Effective “Certificates of Origin Only” to small-scale farmers?

**Do the Rule Changes Affect Sales of Roasted Coffee? If So, How?

**Why is the Coffee Quality Certification Program Being Eliminated?

**What Are the Specific HDOA Objectives That Drive the Proposed Amendments?

**Has the HDOA Addressed Financial, Logistical and Other Practical Impacts On Small, Family-Scale Farms and Farmers?

For a link to the HDOA’s Notice of Hearing, go here: About two-thirds down that Notice of Hearing page there is an insignificant “click here” link to the Proposed amendments showing the changes. If you have additional questions or comments about these proposed amendments, please post them on the site or send them to for posting.

Above all–please send written testimony to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and come to the hearing on October 10.

Written testimony may be submitted prior to the hearing via postal mail to the Quality Assurance Division c/o Department of Agriculture, 1428 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96814, or via fax at (808) 832-0683, or via email at Please include the word “Testimony” and the subject matter <Rules related to coffee standards>.

Submitted by the Legislative Committee.





  1. what did you folks expect? it's no surprise to me. HDOA is a's sole purpose is intervention in farming and commerce and to expand its' fees and regulations as time goes by.and the kona coffee farmersassociation is a special interest group and lobbies politicians and bureaucrats for special politically-connected favors,priviledges and protection. so,that is the price you as farmers and us as consumers have to put up long as you seek "help" from a gov't. agency. you don't need their "assistance".

    • NO to: "lobbies politicians and bureaucrats for special politically-connected favors,privileges and protection."
      The KCFA does not. The Dept of Ag proposed these changes and although we were asked to give input along with other larger more influential groups, we were not given any power over the final changes *nor even sent the final Changes*. Please see replies here:… Many of these changes are indeed unfair to the small Kona Coffee farmer.

      Again the KCFA did not ask for these changes.

  2. @kopepua- it's too bad that business people and small farmers have to deal with these government bureaucracies. one of my points is that an agency like the Hawaii department of agriculture is a road block to coffee farmers entrepenuership,sacrifice and hard work. I hope the kona growers can somehow get to produce and provide the products for their customers and potential customers in a free market environment and hopefully the kona coffee farmers will support Hawaii state legislators that will eliminate or at least cut back dept. of agriculture red tape,etc.and we need politicians that believe in capitalism and reducing regulations.

  3. I just wish all the changes will bring benefits of coffee farmers. They put real hard effort to produce coffee and I think those who work hard deserves well preference from all around. Thanks.

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