Prostitution Bust At University of Hawaii Professor’s Apartment

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BY JIM DOOLEY AND MALIA ZIMMERMAN – Police made a prostitution arrest in May 2007 inside the Waikiki apartment of University of Hawaii Professor Lawrence W. Boyd Jr., where an X-rated escort service called The Volcano Girls was in operation as recently as last week.

University of Hawaii Professor Lawrence Boyd

The arrest was made after an undercover police officer booked an appointment with a “Volcano Girls” escort in Boyd’s apartment, where he has lived since 2006, it was learned.


Police could not produce a copy of the arrest report today so details of the case, including the name of the suspect and its disposition, were unavailable.

Boyd said today he knew nothing about a prostitution arrest at his Ohua Avenue apartment the evening of May 15, 2007.

“In May of 2007, I think I was in San Francisco,” he said in a telephone interview on Friday.

Boyd said police have never interviewed him about The Volcano Girls or any escort service.

A Hawaii Reporter staffer booked an appointment last week with a Volcano Girls escort named “Kendra” which took place in a bedroom inside Boyd’s apartment at 250 Ohua Avenue.

Boyd said Tuesday he was not involved in The Volcano Girls operation but had heard reports “a year or so ago” that an escort service was operating out of his building at 250 Ohua Avenue.

The contact number listed on The Volcano Girls web site is registered to a woman named Lorraine Drake. Boyd said she is a “distant relative of his wife”, whose maiden name was Michelle Lorraine Drake.

Lorraine Drake has been unreachable for comment this week. Boyd said Tuesday and again today that he hasn’t seen or heard from her since late last week.

Boyd said Lorraine Drake moved into his apartment to help care for his wife after she was injured in an accident several years ago.

“She was quite helpful for several months and then what happened after that was, she moved out and then moved back in about 2, 3 years ago,” Boyd told Hawaii Reporter Tuesday.

Boyd suggested that inquiries about The Volcano Girls and escort dates in his apartment should be directed to Lorraine Drake.

He said it was “kind of hard to believe” that she could be involved in The Volcano Girls activities.

“Lorraine’s a very unusual person. She’s extremely bright. I can’t picture her doing this.” Boyd said Tuesday.

The appointment booked by Hawaii Reporter Friday with Kendra was made through a series of telephone calls to and from The Volcano Girls contact number.

The service was very circumspect in discussing the price of an appointment, saying only, “the gift is three,” when asked how much it would cost.

That was understood to mean $300. Comments on the website and on another site operated by Kendra said the price of an in-call meeting with her was $300 per hour.

Kendra was asked the price of her services when she escorted a Hawaii Reporter staffer to a bedroom in Boyd’s apartment. When she declined to name a price, the reporter paid her a $50 cancellation fee and left the apartment.

 Hidden camera video of the encounter can be seen at:

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  1. One quick knee jerk up at Monoa Hill and this guy should be among the swill. Let him sue, which hungry lawyers are apt to do…and then ad nauseum.

  2. Let’s not be too hard on Professor Boyd. He may be the only U.H. PhD with enough initiative to put his business philosophies into actual entrepreneurial practice. We fault them for being too theoretical with no practical “real life” experience. Running a whore house is actually a pretty stressful small business venture.

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