Public School Teacher Supports Governor’s Decentralization Plan for Schools

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Gov. Linda wants the people to decide whether Hawaii should keep its single, statewide school district or splinter the Department of Education into seven smaller districts separated by geography.

For those who love a good political dogfight, this should be prime time at ringside, close enough to the pit to smell the gore. This fight will directly pit the powerful, entrenched interests of status quo defending “team players” against the educational interests of innocent public school children entrusted to their mercies. At stake? The future of these children and this state.


As a public school teacher, I believe my union leaders are dead wrong to oppose the governor on this issue and hope they will come to their senses.

Our advocacy should be for our students and our profession, not “the system” — a lavishly funded lashup, so vast and convoluted, it continues to evade all accountability for results.

”’Thomas E. Stuart is a resident of Kapaau, Hawaii, and can be reached via email at:”’