Public Servants Gone Wild

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The employees I originally hired to handle certain aspects of my life are out of control. Drunk with the power I have given them, they have decided that they know better than I how to arrange my life. And there’s not much I can do.

While I was busy living my life, my employees seem to have put certain rules in place which make it almost impossible for me to fire them. I wasn’t aware of most of these new rules. My fault. I had just assumed the media would inform me if they crossed the line. They didn’t. Or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.


My employees grandly refer to themselves as public servants, giving one and all the false impression that they are sacrificing everything in order to work on my behalf. Cushy jobs, access to power and money, enjoying unearned respect and complete lack of accountability are just some of the sacrifices they must endure.

Now, my employees are on a massive spending spree with my credit card, piling up charges that I have no way of paying. ($38,000 to date that I’m liable for.) Not only that, but they just got the limit on my credit card increased! I take small solace from the fact that all my neighbors are undergoing a similar experience.

In essence, my employees have become my boss.

My ‘public servants’ are insisting that I now play by their rules. Somehow they managed to put mechanisms in place (without my knowledge or agreement) that virtually force me to pay my hard earned money to hire more employees, whose sole purpose is to take ever more control and wealth away from me.

When I first hired these guys, I gave them very clear guidelines as to what they could and could not do. (For leftists, its called the Constitution.) I did this so I could be free to focus on building a business, raising a family and utilizing my God given gifts in a way I saw fit.

To that end, I engaged these guys to keep me safe and provide certain essential services, like security, fire, water, utilities and such. At no time did I ever agree to let them decide the rules under which they now operate. In fact, under my original agreement with them, certain things that they are doing now, were expressly denied to them. (Leftist readers, please refer to the Tenth Amendment.)

Just last week, I saw one of my employees on the evening news. He was getting an award. I found out the award was for a donation he made with my money, and adding insult to injury, it was for a cause I actively oppose. When I asked him about it, he sneered down from the moral perch my money bought him and called me, get this, selfish! Aargh…

I don’t know what I’ve done that makes my employees treat me in this disrespectful fashion. After all, I made sure they were very well paid. Hey, I even gave them a better health plan and much more generous pension than I have. I gave them my hard earned money to travel the world in private jets and dine at fine restaurants. On my tab. Meanwhile, I make do with a 7 year-old SUV which, by the way, they’re now telling me is immoral for me to drive.

Using my name, my employees have fashioned a brave new world. They claim it is based on what they call our ‘living constitution,’ which means whatever they want it to mean. (For leftists, that means it means nothing.) It allows them to purchase morality, virtue and media accolades by appropriating and spending someone else’s money.

It allows them to use my money in furtherance of a ludicrous and illogical quest to remake reality to their specifications. It allows them to redefine words, change rules, ignore tradition, and totally restructure our whole system of governance. Without my permission.

With 20/20 hindsight, I now understand some lessons from history I was never taught in government schools: When you endow someone with unearned wealth, it will soon become their ‘right.’ When you appease tyrants, you only get more tyranny. And the only power tyrants have is that relinquished by their victims.

And finally, that voting for power-hungry and amoral charlatans based on spin instead of substance means we all have a very good chance of losing the liberty and freedoms so many Americans fought and died for. Happy New Year.

‘Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for She lives in South Carolina’