Public Tip Helps FBI Identify Alleged Child Pornographer Engaging in Sex Acts

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The FBI has identified an alleged child pornographer who was photographed engaging in “graphic sex acts” with two children, thanks to help from the public.

These photos of victims, including 4- year old girl and 9- year-old boy, were circulated in 2010 in illegal internet forums where child pornography is posted.

Yesterday, the FBI posted a photo of the alleged attacker, saying he may reside on the Island of Hawaii, and asked for help from the media and the public in identifying the suspect.

FBI Special Agent Tom Simon said today:

“Tips from the public have led to the identification of the individual from yesterday’s FBI release.  The FBI can now conduct a thorough investigation into the photos that prompted this inquiry.

“At this moment, there have been no charges filed or arrests made.

“If our investigation culminates in criminal charges, we will make an announcement at that time.

“Thank you to our local press and to the people of Hawaii for spreading the word and assisting us in this matter.”

The FBI said yesterday that investigators for the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children identified the suspect as a possible Hawaii Island resident through the image of what looked to be a 2008 Hawaiian Telcom phone book for Big Island residents in the background of the photo.

The desktop computer, also depicted in a photograph, led investigators to conclude the alleged crimes did not take place in a hotel room, the FBI said.

The FBI said yesterday the suspect “appears to be a white male in his 40s with brown-grey hair and blue eyes.”

Simon said yesterday: “Sadly, the FBI catches a lot of consumers and distributors of child pornography.  This case is a rare opportunity for us to catch an actual producer of these disturbing images. The graphic  pictures of the suspect performing sex acts on two young children are an absolute nightmare.  The fact that he’s still out there makes it even worse.”

He added today, “The public is reminded that the individual from yesterday’s release is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.”





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