Raising Hawaii's Property Taxes -Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris – Hero or Scoundrel – You Vote

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Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris says it is time to raise property taxes. He made the statement in his State of the City address Jan. 23, saying without explanation that the city is taking in less taxes than it did 9 years ago. He says the city does not have a spending problem, rather a declining revenue problem.

Former and current Honolulu City Council members who oppose the tax increase say Harris has wasted millions of dollars on construction contracts given to friends and campaign supporters in exchange for campaign donations and has spent money on parties on the beach and on building expansive new, unnecessary parks. They also cite as wasteful the mayor’s proposed Bus Rapid Transit System that will cost taxpayers $1 billion to build and considerably more to operate and subsidize. These Council critics say taxes should not be increased in a time where Hawaii’s economy is just starting to make a comeback and when the state is facing uncertainty because of a possible war with Iraq. Rather taxes should remain the same or be lowered.


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What do you think? Is the Mayor a Hero or Scoundrel