Rally Against Rail Set for Friday

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City’s rail rendering

BY BOBBIE SLATER – We are going to join the People’s Rally Against Rail tomorrow, Friday 30th August at 11 am by City Hall at the corner of Punchbowl and King Streets.



Just being there will make a difference but bring a sign if you have one. Please join us there so that our politicians know how you feel.

Here’s just one example of what we are fighting:


The headlines in yesterday’s paper, August 29 told of the arrogance of HART and the City on the rail.  


Regardless of the two lawsuits pending, growing public unhappiness with the project and huge concerns with changes to bus routes to help fund the rail, the city awarded more than $75 million in new rail related design and professional services in June and July.


The largest contract, $43.94 million went to AECOM Technical Services in Los Angeles to design the Downtown section of the rail line. The City does not intend to build this section for some years, so why the rush to commit more money, since there are many reasons to think there is a good chance the entire project will be stopped shortly?


The city also awarded AECOM $10 million to provide architectural and engineering services to assist the state DOT with design and construction review, facilitation of permits and compliance issues.


Then $12 million went to SSFM International, “to provide architectural and engineering services to the state DOT including design and construction review, assistance with permit compliance and other services.”


Read the entire article by Kevin Dayton:  click here to read it    
If all of this malfeasance bothers you, please take a stand tomorrow by showing up at the People’s Rally. We’ll see you there.


We are a citizen group concerned with the unnecessary waste of taxpayer funds that would be incurred through the construction of a rail transit line in Honolulu together with the blight that would be visited on our city by an elevated noisy rail line snaking right through it. Learn more and join us>





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