Real Economics for Honolulu Rail

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BY GEORGE BERISH – Do you believe Hawaii could sucker Texans into taking $1 billion from us in return for promising to borrow two more billions and then spending all $3 billion in Hawaii?  I don’t.

So can anyone explain why it’s a good idea for Hawaii to accept $1 billion from the mainland in return for us promising to go $5 billion more deeply in debt so we can buy at least $3 billion of the stuff Rail needs, and Hawaii doesn’t make, from the mainland?


After all we don’t manufacture the billions of dollars of rail cars, steel, computers, etc. Rail needs.  Not to mention the billion or so of experts, consultants, advisors, etc. the system will require.

Why not just borrow $3 billion and spend it – all here – to upgrade Hawaii’s roads beginning with a few $0.01 billion up-and-over ramps on the dock yard entrances/exits the tie up Nimitz between the airport and Honolulu so we can rip out those irritating left turn lights?

George L. Berish is a resident of Honolulu, Hawaii