America’s Loneliest Senator – Hawaii’s Lone Ranger Sam Slom

Sen. Sam Slom, minority leader (photo by Mel Ah Ching)
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Sen. Sam Slom (photo by Mel Ah Ching)

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Hawaii may be the most reliably Democratic state in the union.


In 2012, President Barack Obama won his home state of Hawaii by more than 42 percentage points, a margin larger than in any other state.

Hawaii is so blue that its state senate seats only a single Republican.

That Republican is Senator Sam Slom, known by his colleagues as the Lone Ranger.

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  1. Should we find a way to select University of Hawaii Board of Regents? Currently members "buy" their way in by "donating" $20,000 to $30,000 to the Democratic party or to the governor. Most nominees come from small business entities and do not have the experience of managing a corporation – budget, organization planning, , marketing.. This is not to say the current members are not "good" people.

  2. Just because they're "good" people, doesn't mean that they're not f-ing dumb when it comes to business management

  3. Once that sneaky Republican who only cares about rich people retires or is voted out, Hawaii will become so awesome with all Democrats All day and All night and All Year 4 ever!!!!!! Let the Blue win! Yeah yeah!!!

    [/typical resident of Hawaii voter mentality]

  4. That's right! Anyone curious to see what the inevitable future result of having all Democrats all the time in office for 60 years, just has to look at Detroit. Sam Slom is the only thing standing in the way (pesky lone republican) from a Democrat Paradise, where 85% of the people will be on food stamps, and live in tents on sidewalks.

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