Reid Unmasks Realities of Liberal Democrat “Sensitivity”

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Were Senator Robert Byrd (D.- WV) ever to switch political parties and
become a Republican, the liberal media reaction would be to suddenly
“discover” his past membership in the Ku Klux Klan, which would thereafter
be relentlessly reported until he was hounded from office in disgrace. Yet
as a Democrat, his former participation in an organization that harassed,
oppressed, and at times murdered black Americans is known. But Byrd somehow
remains immune to that dubious association, and to this day he sits as one
of the most esteemed and venerated members of the United States Senate.

In the newly released book “Game Change” that has generated enormous
controversy, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D. NV) was quoted asserting
Barack Obama’s electoral advantages for being “light skinned” and capable of
speaking with “no negro dialect,” while former President Bill Clinton
disparagingly harkened back to a day in which Obama would have been
relegated to “getting us coffee.”


Had either been Republicans, calls for their censure (and in Reid’s case,
immediate removal from office) would have been instantaneous from both sides
of the political aisle. As Democrats however, their standing is in no more
peril than that of Robert Byrd. Democrat sensibilities on issues of race are
only “inflamed” when doing so will advance their political agenda.
Otherwise, such matters are derided as cheap distractions from the important
issues of the day.

In truth, Democrats have never been the champions of racial justice that
they claim to be. The tasteless words from Reid and Clinton, and more
importantly, the unfettered willingness of the Democrat Party and its media
lapdogs to rally around them, cannot be construed in any other manner.
Appalling as this single episode is however, the entire scope of the
situation is far worse still. Liberal Democrats will patronizingly champion
minorities, if so doing might gain them political traction. Yet they will
just as quickly invoke the lowest and most demeaning racial stereotypes and
degradations of minority opponents who pose an obstacle to their agenda.

Harry Reid’s appraisal of Barack Obama, abominable though it may be, pales
in comparison to the malicious and overt racism from liberals directed at
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and former National Security Advisor
Condoleezza Rice. Yet then as now, the remainder of the Democrat cabal
offered no complaints or apologies. Their real disdain for minorities, and
in fact, all liberal “special interests” (other than as fodder for the
liberal agenda) was on parade then and, as proven by their solidarity in
supporting Reid, remains so to this day.

The real truth of liberal Democrat contempt for the black community is much
more egregious still. The plight of urban families can be directly tied to
the malignancy of the “nanny state.” Rampant crime, drug addiction, and the
general hopelessness of the inner cities were maladies born not from
officially sanctioned segregation and discrimination (such things have been
outlawed for nearly half-a century) but from the entanglements of a bloated
government that thrives on the backs of a dependant underclass.

Likewise, the overt racism of a failed public school monopoly, itself a
product of Democrat political efforts, promises to maintain the oppression
of inner-city blacks to a degree that Jim Crow ordinances could never have
accomplished. And as long as the hapless recipients of this insidious poison
are willing to accept it, thereby enabling its sponsors, they and their
progeny can expect more of the same from the liberal political machine.

Similar principles hold true for every other subgroup of the American
population that the liberal establishment seeks to first isolate and then
court on the basis of its victim status. Many misguided women accept the
absurd notion that as the Party of abortion, the Democrats are their
personal champions.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Women, even those who had been
faithful liberals, but who became potential political liabilities to the
Clinton Administration can well attest their grim fate once their usefulness
to the liberal cause is depleted. And the moment a woman dares to advance
herself on the public scene by any means other than toeing the liberal party
line, the real regard held by liberals towards femininity in general will be
revealed. The vicious, demeaning, and by any liberal standard “sexist”
attacks against former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin stand as irrefutable

Likewise for Asians, Hispanics, or any other segment of the population to
which the left seeks to grant favored status. Hacked computer files revealed
that Miguel Estrada, as a Hispanic judicial nominee in the Bush
Administration, faced a coordinated Democrat attack specifically based on
his ethnicity. Yet did the Democrats seek to amend or correct their overt
bigotry in any way? On the contrary, they merely stuck to their despicable
plan while caterwauling about the wrongful means of gathering the

Liberal sanctimony on the issues of race, gender, national origin, and
religion is, and has always been, invoked on an extremely selective basis,
surgically targeted for the sole purpose of advancing liberalism. And as
such, it is the epitome of hypocrisy. Ultimately, the fate of its
beneficiaries and/or victims is of no consequence to those at the pinnacle
of liberal power.

It is sad that all too often, the conservative opposition has allowed the
left to play such games with impunity. It is sadder still that those groups
pandered to by the left will not see the current situation for what it is,
and will not recognize the real purpose why, as ostensible “special
interests,” they are maintained in that status. Thus they do their utmost to
ensure that their marginalization from the bounty and promise of America
will likely continue in perpetuity.

‘Christopher G. Adamo has been active in Wyoming politics for many years and
is a managing partner in Best American Buy (, an
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