Relaxing into Aging

How to Befriend the Changes With Humor, Grace and Lightness of Being


theravada-buddhism-1775946_1920Much of Western culture is focused on the youthful 18-35 years. This focus is so powerful that many of us view our older years as a time of physical decline and waning contribution. Yet, these years can actually be the most spiritually meaningful and creative times of our lives!

AgingAwakening_intro_skyscraperI’m thrilled to have the opportunity to invite you to a FREE virtual event, happening March 18, with one of the preeminent spiritual teachers of our time. A wise guide will help you see the challenges of aging as a spiritual opportunity. Led by our own beloved island teacher Ram Dass, you may reserve your free seat here.


Who better to guide us into a new relationship with growing older than a man who, after his stroke in 1997, faced paralysis, aphasia and a many physical challenges — including chronic pain and loss of confidence in his body. Yet, he says it was “fierce grace” that catapulted him to a higher level of spiritual growth.

During this special online event with Ram Dass, you’ll:

  • Discover how to make friends with changes that occur as you age — even the most challenging ones,
  • Understand how to release unnecessary suffering by becoming more mindful… even when that seems like an impossible choice,
  • Shift the way you relate to the inevitability of death,
  • Open to a deeper experience by connecting to the universality of the changes you are experiencing…

Ram Dass will help you see that your current and future decades can be a journey of liberation, laughter and confidence in living. With joy and grace, he will show you how to embrace it all as being human on this planet.

Why not RSVP for free here?

This is your chance to receive direct insights from a kupuna of life. He will help you open to a journey of aging, one spiritually fulfilling, joyful and infused with confidence.

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A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.