Rep. Cynthia Thielen Files for House of Representatives Seat

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Rep. Cynthia Thielen filed today for the Hawaii House of Representatives (50th District): “We have more work to do to implement the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, eliminate our addiction to fossil fuel, and develop our renewable energy resources. Clean, renewable energy means new jobs in our economy, and we will keep some of the $7 billion a year at home that we now send to foreign nations to buy imported oil.”

On education, Thielen noted she sponsored legislation to provide reforms, so Furlough Fridays won’t ever happen again. “We shortchanged our students; we must mandate the days & hours for school, which will be equivalent to those in good performing states. In addition, we need to examine how the Department of Education is spending the billions we appropriate, and why money is not reaching the classrooms.”


Thielen also supports further reduction to the unemployment insurance tax, so small businesses and their employees won’t suffer.

Thielen will start walking door-to-door in her district this month to discuss issues with constituents.

‘Michele Van Hessen wrote this for the Representative.’