Rep. Gene Ward on the Koko Head Crater Equestrian Center

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Representative Gene Ward, Ph.D. spoke with Dr. Emogene Yoshimura of the Koko Crater Equestrian Center.

The city has told the Koko Crater Equestrian  that they have 3 days to move 30 horses. Koko Crater Botanical Garden is a 60-acre basin inside the landmark Koko Crater on the eastern end of the island.


See a video with Dr. Emogene Yoshimura  at at:

Contact:  or call 808- 586-6420

Mayor Kirk Caldwell
530 S. King St., Room 306, Honolulu, HI 96813  (808) 768-4141





  1. Quite problematic situation itself, especially as 30 horses do not move so easily, and in that distance. I hope they are taking all the measures relating to avoid any inconvenience, especially because in certain conditions a horse can become agitated, and this is not too safe for others.

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