Rep. Marumoto: Protecting Hawaii from Snake Invasion

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HONOLULU, HAWAII – In the 2012 legislative session Rep. Barbara Marumoto will be introducing two snake bills, two bills to reduce auto costs and a measure to require that the list of names of people nominated for judgeships be released to the public as part of her legislative package.  Her traffic safety bills calling for helmets, ATV legislation, etc., from 2011 remain alive.

In order to revive the brown tree snake prevention program, Rep. Marumoto is requesting the restoration of three positions for dog handlers in the Department of Agriculture.  Another measure would instead provide the department with funds to contract with a private entity who already has trained dogs.  The latter may be less expensive and could get started faster.


Bills to reduce drivers ‘ costs include a $10 decrease in state auto registration and a reduction in the state weight tax.  Last year the Legislature raised registration from $20 to $45.  Marumoto proposes to lower the weight tax from by.5 cents per pound.

The courts have determined and the Judicial Selection Commission have agreed that the names of people  nominated for judgeships should be made public.  Believing that transparency leads to a better informed constituency, Rep. Marumoto wants to see this policy codified in statute.