Report: More Jobs Lost, What Does Hanabusa Have to Say for Herself?

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BY NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE- After months of rubber-stamping reckless spending and job-killing legislation, reality finally caught up with Hawaii Democrat Colleen Hanabusa and her Washington friends.

The final jobs report before Election Day showed another month of high unemployment at 9.6 percent, marking it almost a year and a half since unemployment has been under nine percent, signaling major problems for any Democrat on the ballot in November.


Rather than addressing the nation’s most troubling economic concerns, House Democrats bailed on providing a budget to get the economy back on track and refused to stop looming tax hikes on struggling middle-class families and small businesses.

Now, as the out-of-touch Democrat majority hits the final sprint before Election Day, they are about to face the harsh reality that voters will hold them accountable for the destructive agenda they have put in place over the last 21 months.

“For almost two years, voters have been asking, ‘Where are the jobs?’ With Colleen Hanabusa’s Democrat friends in charge, the answer is: Nowhere to be found,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “With Hawaii families suffering under the weight of the Democrats’ job-killing agenda, the out-of-touch majority’s continued refusal to address the ongoing economic crisis is a slap in the face to the people who sent them to Congress. Instead of passing policies that help put Americans back to work, House Democrats used their majority status to create more government and higher debt while casting aside fiscal responsibility and job creation.”

The Democrats’ job-killing agenda has led to such a bleak economic outlook that that it could be irreparable:

“For jobs, the political resistance to putting the jobless on public payrolls is severe, hence Mr. Obama’s proposal to increase infrastructure spending and Washington’s flirtation with a payroll-tax holiday. If those 4.4 million Americans who’ve been unemployed for a year or more aren’t hired soon, they may never get hired again.”

“And then there’s the daunting U.S. budget deficit, not today’s but the one that looms in the future…The economy isn’t yet healthy. Debating the diagnosis is important, but at some point has to give way to another course of treatment. Yes, after a financial crisis, recoveries tend to be painfully slow. But is this really the best we can do?” (David Wessell, “U.S. economy needs tonic, not talk,” Wall Street Journal, 10/6/2010)

After doing nothing to jumpstart our economy, House Democrats’ fragile majority is on the line:

“If anything, Republicans are in as strong a position to win back control of the House as they have been this entire election cycle…House race polling conducted this cycle and found 66 Democratic incumbents sitting below that magic 50 percent number.”

“The fundamentals of this midterm have been troublesome all year for Democrats, and as the election draws closer, the gloomy national numbers are translating into seemingly safe members facing the fights of their political careers. House Democrats are still staring at a Category 5 hurricane that looks likely to sweep away their majority, with the real possibility that some of their most entrenched members could be among the victims.” (Josh Kraushaar, “Against The Grain
Democrats’ False Optimism,” Hotline On Call, 10/6/2010)

Submitted by the National Republican Congressional Committee