Republican Presidential Candidates Campaign Ahead of ‘Super Tuesday’

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Elections 2012
Graphic: Emily Metcalf

U.S. Republican presidential candidates have been busy campaigning ahead of the “Super Tuesday” nominating contests in 10 states.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is locked in a tight race with Rick Santorum, a former U.S. senator, in the closely watched contest in Ohio.


A new opinion poll shows the two in a virtual tie in Ohio. The Quinnipiac University survey indicates Romney has gained momentum since last week, and now has 34 percent of likely Republican primary voters, three points ahead of Santorum. In late February, Santorum led in Ohio.

The contests Tuesday will move Republicans closer to selecting their candidate to face President Barack Obama, a Democrat, in the November election.

Super Tuesday features a diverse set of states with 419 delegates at stake — roughly equal to the total number of delegates contested so far. A candidate needs 1,144 delegates to secure the nomination.

Romney leads the delegate count so far, and hopes to continue his momentum from recent wins into Tuesday.

Meanwhile, former House speaker Newt Gingrich is making national media appearances, while also holding events in Tennessee. He is confident of a win in Georgia, the southeastern state he represented in Congress for two decades and where polls show he has a large lead.

Ron Paul, a U.S. representative from Texas, is campaigning in Idaho, after making stops Sunday in Alaska. He hopes to do well in the three smaller states holding caucus votes Tuesday — Alaska, Idaho, and North Dakota.

The other states taking part in Super Tuesday are Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Vermont, and Virginia.

Romney is expected to do well in Massachusetts, where he served as governor from 2003 to 2007, and in the neighboring state of Vermont, as well as in Virginia, where only he and Paul are on the ballot.





  1. I watched Rick Santorum on Senate floor courageously debating and passing important legislation. Despite the MSM and negative ads and what some elites say, Rick Santorum is a humble, considerate and honorable man and father of 7 children and a faithful husband. As a person well trained in law (Jurist doctor); business (MBA); and politics (BA); and successful legislature, he understands and would keep our rights and freedom. As we are living in a constitutional republic, your suggestion that a president could create a theocracy is totally unbelievable.
    BHO & DNC would like to run against Romney. Nothing excites progressives’ base better than running against the rich whom they consider as “heartless” who may not “’understand” the plight” of the middle class and the poor. They currently attack Romney in order to create an illusion in the minds of voters that he is “attacked” because he is a “strong” candidate thereby driving away conservatives and people of faith & independents from Rick Santorum. They have studied about Romney more than any other candidates. It is very difficult for them to run against a candidate with less or no political, personal and professional baggage. Some assume that economic issue is the ‘only” issue upon which 2012 reelection would be decided. Should Romney be the
    republican nominee BHO & DNC will use not only economic issues but social issues (knowing his weaknesses in this area). National Security & Foreign Affairs would be another issue on which the 2012 election would be decided. The candidates who do not have a national security & foreign affairs experience is Romney & others. To be on the safest side, we better nominate a candidate who will credibly challenge BHO on all issues and make BHO & his failed policies an issue in the general campaign. That candidate is none other than Rick Santorum. I have checked the background of all the candidates. If you make a slightest effort to research and know about all the candidates in the race and objectively evaluate their experiences, I have no iota of doubt that you will arrive to the same conclusion.

    To All Patriot Americans:

    The media & the Establishment have chosen a “nominee” for us before even half of the country have voted usurping our rights. We should not let this happen.

    Whom should we vote for?

    For a candidate who is different from BHO and could credibly challenge him on Obamacare which was based on Romneycare; cap & trade; bailouts; TARP; the bogus man made climate change; national security and
    foreign policy.
    About $50 Million have been spent by Romney to distort his fellow republican candidates records. We should unanimously reject the politics of personal destruction so that our country will have honest, talented individuals to run for government offices in the future.
    I have looked at all of the candidates past records. The only candidate that is completely different from BHO is Rick Santorum, despite what the naysayers, the Establishment, lobbyists (over 390 of them contributed money to Romney’s campaign) and some media outlets may say. He can make BHO & his failed policies an issue of the general campaign. We cannot afford to have a candidate who will be an issue of the campaign because of his (Mitt or Newt) records & shiftiness.
    Republicans start getting more victories after 1968 due to social issues. The current trend is worrisome as republicans are trying to be like democrats. There should be a balance between social, economic and
    political issues. The one who just is trying to do all these with genuine Conservative credentials is Rick Santorum. I watched him fighting for Conservative values on the Senate floor more than anybody i know. He got a lot of legislative victories in welfare reform; DOMA; etc. and fought for health saving account; tort reform; etc. and has a national security and foreign affairs experience unlike Romney & others. Please read online the two Acts he wrote in 2004: The Iran Freedom & Support Act & the Syrian Accountability Act. Had anyone listened to him, the current Iranian problem would have been avoided. Those who have money have been distorting this honorable candidates name through negative ads. Those of you who might have been turned away because of negative ads and misinformation by the so called mass media which abdicated its responsibility of being a watch dog to be a lap dog, please give Rick Santorum a second look. The more you know about this authentic and genuine candidate and what he consistently stands for, the more you love and vote for him. He was a member of the Gang of 7 who exposed the scandals in Congress. If you want to nominate a fighter and a leader, who will bring a genuine change in Washington D.C. Santorum is your man. If you want to have a candidate who would maintain the status quo and could say anything to just get your votes (by even mimicking southern accent, etc.), he won’t be your man.
    I hope you all will use you votes wisely come March 13, 2012. Thanks and God bless!!!

    Repost by anyone is authorized .

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