Republicans Try to Balance Budget on Backs of Veterans and Children

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BY TULSI GABBARD – Today, the Republicans in the House released a “new” budget proposal. There wasn’t much new about it.

Yet again, Republicans want to cut Medicare, Medicaid, medical and education benefits for veterans and food programs for children. The Republican budget would cut transportation funding by almost 40 percent, and reduce funding for education, training and employment services by almost half.


All that before we get to the tax proposal, which would cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and raise taxes on almost everyone else.

This is a budget we can’t afford, and Hawaii needs a Representative who will stand up to this kind of class warfare.

America has some real fiscal challenges, and we need to get serious about reducing the deficit. But we can’t balance the budget on the backs of the poor, our seniors and our middle class. As your Representative in Congress, I’d vote against this budget, and I’ll vote against any budget that destroys services provided to those most in need.

Join my campaign and help me go to Washington to fight for better schools for our keiki, better roads, real job creation and a safety net that helps people climb out of poverty. It’s time for fresh leadership and new energy in Congress – it’s time to tell Congress what you want.

Tulsi Gabbard is a Honolulu City Council member and candidate for U.S. House.





  1. Class warfare rhetoric from one decrying same! Do we really want more of this nonsense? It’s bad enough that we must endure Mazie “Who”rano’s leftist propaganda. As far as the Republican’s budget proposal, why have Senate Democrats defaulted on their constitutional duty to offer their own budget? They’ve had over 3 years now. Don’t criticize House Republicans for at least trying to restore fiscal sanity to our out-of-control federal government, controlled by Councilwoman’s Gabbard own political party.

  2. Don’t forget under Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” the Republicans want to increase the defense budget, all the while cutting medicare and safety nets for the poor.

    If you vote Republican and are not a millionaire, you are literally voting against your interests

  3. We need to balance the budget, but we need to do it in a way that is fair and beneficial to everyone. That is what is this is about. People are suffering, some are Republicans, some are Democrats, some may not be affiliated with any party. Addressing our fiscal issues by cutting our lifelines to so many people is not the way to go. We need to cut waste and focus our priorities on helping everyone. An economy that’s gearing most of the profits to a small group of people sets up a very unstable economy and society.

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