Responding to Those Who Oppose the War

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Al-Qaeda stated after 9/11 that their goal is to “bring down western civilization and create a global Islamic empire.” They want nothing more, nothing less. U.S. foreign policy is inconsequential when considering the bigger picture. The war is not about our supporting Israel or having military in the Middle East or even oil. It’s about religion and it’s growing. There is an easy way to stop the war: everyone in America and the rest of the world must take up the Islamic faith and practice daily. The entire planet must do this within 2 weeks. It’s easy — you wear a hat and face Mecca to pray every day. There are a few extra rules for women though. Remember it will be your duty to kill those that cannot be converted — they are the infidels. I hope you can convince your children to convert, but if not (and you don’t have the heart to kill them yourself), don’t worry; there are tens of thousands of extremist Muslim Arab males that will gladly do it for you. This is all they want and once this is accomplished there will be peace. Maybe. We’re not going to war: it’s coming to us. Many Americans are ignorant of this or don’t want to face this reality. The military and our government do know how threatened we are and the fragility of the world economy and civilization. They know of Saddam Hussein’s involvement with 9/11 and terrorists. If the civilized world can’t stop this growing menace, then we should all be prepared for severe hardship as we bow down before dictators and terrorists. ”Mike Brown is a resident of Mililani and can be reached via email at”