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BY CITY COUNCIL MEMBER TOM BERGKym Pine has made the claim that she has authored as the First Primary Introducer over 100 bills that have become law.


To collect the reward, simply go to the website:www.capitol.hawaii.gov and search the archives of Kym Pine’s 8 years in office from legislative sessions 2005 through 2012 and name any bill authored by Kym Pine whereby she is listed as the First Primary Introducer for that bill and that bill has become law.


This exercise is about exhibiting the integrity, honesty, and character of the candidate. Kym Pine continues to deceive the public that she has passed over 100 bills that she wrote as the First Primary Introducer. This misrepresentation needs to be called out.

Find a measure authored by Kym Pine as the First Primary Introducer that has become law and the first person to email Berg at tomberg00@yahoo.com with the bill number will collect $100 from Tom Berg.

The definition of a First Primary Introducer is characterized as a bill being authored and introduced by a specific legislator. If the first name listed on a bill is in capital block letters after INTRODUCED BY, then that bill would mean that it was introduced by that specific legislator. Names that subsequently follow the first name listed in capital letters are classified as Primary Introducers of the measure. Sponsors of the bill are considered supporters of the measure and their names are in small letters- not caps.

An example is HB 1220 – here is a bill that names Representative Mark Takai as the First Primary Introducer. This bill did not become law but is used to illustrate signatures to distinguish between an author of a bill and a supporter of a bill. Rep. Takai’s name is the name that is on the official line of the bill on the signature page. Names that are subsequently listed on the bill that are underlined on the signature page are considered primary introducers of the legislation. Thus, in this example, Representative Mark Takai is credited for being the author of HB1220 and is considered to be the First Primary Introducer. If the name is not underlined, they are sponsors, and if the legislator underlines their name, then they are considered a primary introducer. In this example, if this bill were to have passed, Kym Pine would be considered a primary introducer of HB1220 – in that she underlined her name when she signed the signature page of the measure.

For HB1220 when looked up in electronic form – you will see Rep. Takai’s name listed first- he is the First Primary Introducer of HB1220 – deemed the author who wrote the bill. Click here for the example. Then you will see other names that follow Rep. Takai in capital block letters- these are primary introducers who did not write the bill but strongly support it. Then you will see names not in capital block letters- these are co-sponsors of the bill that support the measure to some degree.

Kym Pine is known for taking credit for others’ work and misrepresenting the facts to cover up for her ineffectiveness as a legislator. The fact is that Kym Pine has indeed signed her name to many bills written by others and wants you to believe that she actually wrote them.

Therefore, if you want to earn $100, simply review bills that became law and if you see Kym Pine’s name in capital block letters and her name is the first name listed, the reward is yours – for you will have found a bill that passed into law that Pine authored – as the First Primary Introducer.

Here is a list of bills that became law in 2012 – The far right column lists the introducers of each measure. The first name listed in capital block letters is the First Primary Introducer – meaning that person is the author of the measure – the one who wrote it. Names that follow in capital block letters are primary introducers – meaning they signed off on a bill and underlined their name on a signature page accompanying someone else’s work. If the name is not in capital block letters, that legislator merely lent their name to the bill as a sponsor of someone else’s work.

Last week, on Island Insights, a PBS television show, Kym Pine and Tom Berg discussed their candidacy with moderator Dan Boylan. On the show, Kym Pine refuted Berg’s claim that Pine has not had one bill passed into law in her eight years as a legislator – as the First Primary Introducer. Watch the exchange in youtube format here.


Pine stated that she had written over one hundred bills that have passed into law. Berg’s challenge to you is – name just one bill Pine wrote as the First Primary Introducer – be the first to find it and the reward is yours. By the way, on the television show, Pine stated she would list the 100 plus bills she wrote on her campaign website . . . have you found one yet?


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  1. It should be noted here, to be fair, None of Tom's legislation EVER became law. All that he has passed are resolutions that "urges" things to get done so in essence he passed NO bills that became law. Everyone knows resolutions mean nothing and is SHIBAI.

    This was posted today on Pine's site. All measures passed that she was involved in one form or another. https://pineforcouncil.com/measures-passed/

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