Rich Turbin Should Be East Oahu’s Next Council Member

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Rich Turbin

BY WARNER KIMO SUTTON – As a former Neighborhood Board chair in East Oahu, I am hopeful that the next Honolulu City Council member from our district is one of my peers – Rich Turbin.

Rich, a 28-year volunteer and chair of the Kahala Neighborhood Board, is well known and respected attorney and community role model.
Being so involved with his district for the last three decades has given Rich Turbin many years of insight into the needs and problems in our community and what it takes to make changes on the local government level; and its clear that Rich Turbin is a taxpayer advocate who does not believe taxes should be raised or government spending should be increased.
We must have a member on the council that represents the dynamic and demographics of this district and that is Rich Turbin.
Show your support and remember to please vote on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, for: Richard Turbin  -X-
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