YOU are more than you think you are

From a 21st century play adapted from George Orwell's book "1984"
Riseup-you are more than you think you are
Who owns the light that is entering your eyes?

How much is your daily attention on a screen?

Asked another way, what is the amount of screen light compared to natural light, you take in over your day? Year?

I cut off watching TV years ago. Why?

Because, one day while hiking through floating flourishing flowers flowing across the mountainside, I had an epiphany.
Suddenly, I was aware of the enormous power of our human attention. The influence of the TV/mobile screen through the syncopating of human moods and desires. I realized the agenda of the owners of the information on the screen; it’s access to my moods, my thoughts and the rhythm of daily human life.
I returned home from the week long hike and just turned it off.
It was one of the best decisions I made, then. And, I flourished and was more joyful.
In the between time, I’ve also personally experienced the effects, in today’s dysfunctional over-capitalized system, of financial fraud and corruption. I’ve lost millions. However, from the depths of depression has slowly arisen through meditation—through choosing positive situations and places, through immersing myself in joy, in Nature—an emerging wave of gratitude for every breath, each molecule of life giving Hawaii that passes in my nostrils.
I’ve learned the power of choice, to focus on grateful thoughts. To be mobile, flexible, and thoughtful. Kind, empathetic and collaborative. Having a dog companion has lifted me further into the realm of chosen joyful states of mind.
I’m a pauper of stuff and scene, yet, I’m a wealthy in things unseen.
In short, what I’ve learned:
Laugh in the middle of someone hurling the injured way they feel about themselves at you.
Laugh when a colleague interrupts your amazing idea to say something narcissistic about themselves.
Laugh when your boss sticks his/her head into your office and barks a command at you.
Laugh at it all and see your sustainable choices clearly.
Enjoy this video, practice if you dare…
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