Align Your Business With Your Values

Business as positive change agent


enlightenedbusinesssqDo you want to build a thriving business that leaves a legacy of good for generations to come? Creating a conscious business can be hugely rewarding on so many levels…

The reality? Running a business aligned with your values and vision can be extremely challenging in this transition to a new world. The good news is that these challenges can be great catalysts for your growth and success.


For this reason, I’m excited to invite you to The Enlightened Business Summit, a free online event that will help you understand how to launch and grow a profitable business with a focus on authentically serving your clients, customers and employees… and the planet!

I’m honored to partner with The Shift Network to bring you 20+ of the world’s top visionary business experts — including Lisa Garr, Bill Baren, Sage Lavine, Yanik Silver, Mari Smith, Mike Koenigs, Stephen Dinan and many more — as they share critical best practices to drive revenue, increase profits, identify sales channels and define the best marketing strategy for your unique offering… authentically and consciously.

“The Enlightened Business Summit is loaded with practical wisdom for the visionary heart-centered entrepreneur.”
— Samantha

That’s why I hope you’ll participate in this unparalleled online gathering presented by The Shift Network, November 15-17, 2016enlightenedbusinesstower

RSVP here for The Enlightened Business Summit — at no charge

Some of the visionary leaders we will share with you…

  • Lisa Garr guides you toward discovering your own Soul’s Goal, and how to reset your brain (daily!) for success.
  • Bill Baren sheds light on why enlightened entrepreneurs often earn less money than their more traditional business counterparts — and how to shift that paradigm for good.
  • Sage Lavine brings a unique focus to women in business — offering strategies for creating a thriving business in alignment with women’s values.
  • Yanik Silver explores how to expand your company culture beyond “transactional” to truly transform, even transcend, your business… forever!
  • Mari Smith, often referred to as “The Queen Of Facebook,” reveals the keys to successful Facebook marketing strategies — including 5 powerful ways to leverage your results.
  • Mike Koenigs shows you how to SUPERCHARGE your status and influence to attract high-quality clients faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

“These sessions reinforced my innate belief in the power of conscious business management, renewing my approach to both life and leadership.”
— Anonymous

Discover the essential keys for unlocking your personal and professional evolution here:

RSVP here for The Enlightened Business Summit — it’s free: 

“Simply put, I was stuck in an internal fight between spirituality and money… the speakers just smashed open my limited understanding and empowered me with potent tools… It somehow feels like I reached upon a very crucial milestone of life after the summit.”
— Advyth
“The Enlightened Business Summit is a wonderful collection of powerful speakers raising consciousness in the world and giving you the tools how to do it as well. I highly recommend attending!”
— Lotta

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