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by Carleen MacKay ::  Rob Kinslowtermination-110301_1920

Lost your job? Unemployment benefits running out? Your resume unanswered? 


Are you fearful of the unfamiliar, the unexplored or the innovative?

Is there a call from your future you have not returned?

Are you ready for your future?

Allow us to tell you a story of someone whose life was changed – in a good way – by the pain of giving up the familiar past for a future she would never have imagined, and from which she would never turn back.

This is the real-life story of a “Subject-Matter-Expert.”

jobs-1446885_1280Our story-teller was a global expert who had been doing business overseas where she lived and worked for over 9 years. She returned to the U.S. and found a changed and unfamiliar world. She sought a job but discovered that landing a job was far more difficult than she had anticipated. She faced rejection time and again. Months passed and interviews came and went and applications were unacknowledged. She had never imagined that she “wouldn’t be able to find a job and make money” and she wondered if her age (Baby Boomer) was the problem.

Ultimately, after month-upon-month of rejection, she accepted the fact that traditional job hunting was not likely to work for her.

She set a new goal to see how else she might leverage her strategic global business experience in a number career-1342235_1280of environments. She spent time learning about the consulting and small business fields. She read, studied the changing market and attended boot camps for small business owners.

And… then! Just as she was at the launch point she broke her leg and was out of commission for six painful months. She used the time-out and continued to learn – but not earn – for the duration. She tentatively began to develop her network of people in consulting, coaching and free agent roles.

Once she recovered sufficiently from her accident, she took two part-time jobs that allowed her to continue to push her own practice forward. The efforts took financial realignment and more patience than she initially thought she could muster. She persisted in leveraging her subject-matter expertise, particularly as it related to her work in India. The timing was right! India’s economic growth and global opportunities, by many accounts, makes this exciting country the fastest growing economy in the world.

Today, she is widely acknowledged as a strategic subject-matter expert in terms of doing business in India. She offers Team and Company Culture Building, Strategic Business Planning, Internal Strategy and Alignment, Cultural Understanding, Techniques for Engaging the Best Talent and Managing Virtual teams. She has added various products to her service offerings, writes and produces a blog, collaborates with other experts and – you name it – she does what it takes to maintain market alignment with her business offerings.

termination-1538207_1920The 21st century’s message is that the race to globalize, to leverage technological advances, and to provide specialized expertise, is in full swing. “Subject-Matter-Expert’s” are engaged throughout all sectors of the working world and, while the term often refers to technological experts, it includes people with specialized knowledge in a particular area of market need.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit and many other experts, by 2020 the global workforce will be larger, yet local workforces will be smaller, while a need for globally and culturally focused SME’s will grow exponentially across countries and borders.

Got it? Then, see Hawaii as your Gateway to the Pacific Rim.

workforcewingmentaglogoPivot to the Pacific, into YOUR future.

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