Big Data—What’s the problem?


by Carleen MacKay :: Rob Kinslow

So, what’s the problem with big data? large-895567_1920


Take a look at important data from a reliable source. In May of 2016, the Federal Reserve Bank released its third annual report on the economic and financial conditions of American households. The report is based on a comprehensive survey of over 50,000 individuals representing randomly selected US households. Alongside scads of similar, broad-based studies, the findings of this survey reported:

  • 22% of employed adults indicated that they were either working multiple jobs or doing informal work for pay in addition to their main job, or both.
  • 46% said they did not have enough ready cash saved to cover an emergency expense costing $400.
  • Over half of adults under age 30 who attended college took on debt while pursuing their education. (Now, take a moment and Google how many did not find work after incurring staggering educational debt.)
  • 31% of non-retired respondents reported that they have no retirement savings or pension at all, including 27% of non-retired respondents age 60 or older.

growth-1245936_1920Boring to read – hard to relate – even wearisome to muddle through no matter how important reliable big data is to our lives.

Conduct a survey of “one” – Ask yourself…

Does this information affect me and my ability to find or continue to work at any career stage and… what can I do to secure, increase or sustain my value?

One more question… Is it possible the most important investment I can make in my future work, is an investment in myself?

In this age of hyper-shift, you can’t solve your career challenges until you ask the right questions…

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