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Demographers often refer to the U.S. Average Life Expectancy at Birth… yet, the Average life expectancy at birth is but a snippet of the life expectancy story.


If you’re alive at 65 today, your life expectancy extends by around 20 years.
You could be a super-ager!

Beyond life expectancy tables, other changes affect the landscape of the future. Population shifts, demographic changes, educational adjustments, technological and global swings, emerging nations and more – much more – affect the future of work.

All these cumulative changes determine
how we will work,
when we will work,
and, even,
who will work
just a few short years from now.

Here’s a quick peek at 2025, the day after tomorrow:

  • 50% of the existing U.S. workforce works independently as Freelancers,
  • 10%-15% have started new small businesses, leaving
  • less than 35-40% of full-time workers in traditional “jobs.”
  • The Public Sector is busy adjusting to ways of working that do not include regular, full-time employment.

A bit late but, then again, it’s happening.

For today’s post, let’s look at predictions for  the day after the day after tomorrow


By 2050, the day after the day after tomorrow:

  • the U.S. population has increased by 50 percent over 2016’s estimated 322,762,018, according to the Census Bureau,
  • Immigration accounts for almost two-thirds of the nation’s population growth and minority groups make up nearly half the population,
  • Over one-quarter of all Americans are of Latino origin – in part- because we added Puerto Rico as our 51st State a few years ago,
  • Two in ten Americans are of Asian or Pacific Islander descent.

Today, though, under-educated workers are costing Americans more than they can afford. Public education, in general, has not adapted to the needs of changing demographics in this new world of work. Increased college fees have reached “tilt.” Institutions that have failed to adapt to today’s market demands, are closing. Consequently, rapid learning colleges have emerged.

These same under-educated workers are facing replacement by – yes – artificial intelligence; i.e., Robbie and his robots. Of course, Robbie and other forms of AI, take away, yet they also “give” new options for the prepared.

We have waved goodbye to most (not all) mail carriers and postal service workers. Almost every manufacturing job that can be – has been – automated. Switchboard operators, other phone company workers, large-scale offices, and… up to 50% of work that can be subsumed by technology, has been.

Yap Catholic and SDA School robots battle to push as many balls over the wall before the buzzer
Yap Catholic and SDA School robots battle to push as many balls over the wall before the buzzer

All of which means that smart folks pay attention today to the new skills that are on the horizon; particularly when it comes to educating their children who will live in an even more disrupted world than ours.

For the prepared, the world is ready for contributions from here, there and everywhere. India, China, Japan (the only country with a declining population) offer exciting options. Canada, Mexico and the U.S. have cemented their trade agreements to benefit each countries balance of trade, yet, increasingly, more Americans are choosing to live and work in Mexico, than Mexicans are choosing to live and work in America. As for Hawaii, we are truly the gateway to the Pacific and we are working in – or for – organizations in all countries bordering the Pacific Rim. Our Universities are distinguished by their magnetic draw to foreign students.

The population of older Americans has more than doubled. As such, the notion of retirement has changed radically. More people work for their entire lives, often in a system where work becomes progressively less demanding and time consuming rather than ending abruptly.

2050 Trivia – Just for fun!

According to our sources, the NBA will raise the rim to 10’6” to accommodate our “growing” youngsters!

Pivot to the Pacific, into YOUR future.

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