Discovering the Psychology of the Future

An hour with Dr. Stanislav Grof


Are you personally or professionally interested in psychology, perhaps frustrated by how it often dismisses the study of spirituality, consciousness or alternative states of being?children-214437_1920

Have you been intrigued by or maybe even experienced the power of altered states and how shamanic consciousness can transform your life?


If so, I’m pleased to invite you to check out Dr. Stanislav Grof.

Stan was one of the earliest — and most accomplished — pioneers who explored these realms through decades of legal scientific research into the therapeutic use of psychedelics.

He is renowned for his innovative understanding of non-ordinary states based on experiential forms of psychotherapy, as well as for his studies of art, shamanism and myth.

Psychology_intro_skyscraperPlease join Stan as he presents a fascinating online event: Discovering the Psychology of the Future: New Approaches for Self-exploration & Healing

You can register here

During this fascinating hour, you’ll discover:

  • How accessing the power of non-ordinary states allows you to develop a new understanding of shamanic consciousness
  • How to work with your “inner healer” as a compass to guide you into the precise next step you need in your journey of growth
  • An expanded map of psyche and cosmos, including the nature and role of trans-personal experiences
  • The importance of your birth experience in setting the foundation for your growth and development, and why clearing birth trauma can be so powerful for healing.

These fascinating new insights into psychology and spirituality can open new doors for creating deep healing and growth for yourself and others.

By exploring these new understandings, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for your potential, a more profound vision for your life, and an expanded toolkit for clearing old traumas from both your psyche and your body.

During Discovering the Psychology of the Future: New Approaches for Self-exploration & Healing, you’ll learn how this new paradigm can help expand your identity to a cosmic scale, explore other dimensions, and access information from what appears to be past lives.

If you can’t listen live, RSVP to receive a downloadable replay

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