All aboard the high-speed train to the Future


by Carleen MacKay ::  Rob Kinslow

All Aboooooaaaaarrrrrdd…


…the High Speed Train to the Future of Work

An apt metaphor! Some people, of course, will choose to board a high-speed train that ends at Middle Street, where they will transfer to old buses and slowlyhigh-speed-train-207246_1280 reach their destinations. Others will board a high-speed train that zips past Middle Street and ends at their destination—the Future.

You might say that the first train gets you half-way to where you need to be but, the second train gets you to where you are going!

The changing world of work is like choosing to board a one of these trains.

The only question is: Will YOU get on-board the train to the Future of work?

Here are a few comparisons between the two types of people.

Train to the “Middle”

Sell Experience

Seek Full-Time Jobs

Learn through On-Job-Training

Use Big, Simple Technology

Seek Hierarchical Leadership

Externalize Security (organization)

Want Status Quo

Train to the “Future”

Sell Knowledge

Seek Full-Time or Flex-Time Work

Learn Fast & Independently

Use Small, Complex Technology

Seek Distributed Leadership

Internalize Security (self)

Enjoy Challenging Change

united-kingdom-911760_1920You need to know more about reaching your destination. That’s why you have us, your Workforce Wingmen.

Our frequent columns are intended to inspire, provoke and teach our readers about a Future that is here!

All Aboard… The Train is leaving the station!

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