Rebooting YOUR Career

Let's go to Tomorrow


by Carleen MacKay ::  Rob Kinslow

startup-1018512_1920What’s so different about managing your career today?


Then… One or two jobs; one or two companies; one or two minor course corrections; security found without in the organization that employed you. Retired by 60 and dead by 65.

Now… Many jobs; many ways of working beyond the world of jobs. As lifetimes lengthen, outliving your money is a good bet for many. Boomeranging from your old job to another job then back again. Round and round the employment tree we go.

Tomorrow is not only another day; it’s sooner than your most imagined, worst-case scenarios. Full-time, part-time, some-of-the-time; here, there and everywhere; the reinvention of YOU, is a given. You might say, “Help, give me some tips for moving forward.” OK, without delay, here is our list:

business-loop_192010 Tips for Rebooting your Career:

  1. Following your passion is still a good idea; IF you align your dream with market need,
  2. Knowing how to work in multiple ways – beyond the world of jobs – is a given,
  3. Using newest social media and technologies, is not optional. Wave goodbye to the resume,
  4. Running your career like a business – not like a job – is a must,
  5. Working – or competing – from here, there and everywhere will be a part of your future,
  6. Needed skills trump wrong degrees,
  7. Who you know is not as important as who knows you,
  8. Your familiar “job” may no longer exist…or your skills may no longer meet new demands,
  9. Current knowledge trumps lengthy experience,
  10. Your best investment, now and in the future, is an investment in yourself.

Let Go of the Past. Don’t fly solo, you need a wingman 

Get ready for the future. Reach out to a wingman, we are multi-generational coaches. You will benefit from our proven 8-Step process. Let us guide you to what you needgears-683406_12802 to know and do in order to run your career in a time of hyper-shift. We can help you implement a plan that will work for you.

We are your Wingmen

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