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Turning Crises into Creative Solutions


handsaroundtheglobes1Are you concerned about the direction of civilization? Wanna learn more about how we can close the sustainability gap? Well, check out this online video repository of sustainability experts, whose inspiration can transform into hope and action your frustration about the state of our planet. It’s free.

It’s called the Spring of Sustainability, and many of the pioneers of sustainability – including Jane Goodall, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva, Van Jones, John Robbins, Hazel Henderson, Frances Moore Lappe’ talks are recorded here — all sharing insights and tools you need to connect and collaborate with others to create a sustainable and thriving world.


Good for students, adults and everyone interested in how sustainability is practiced around the world. Here’s the link:  Sustainability Leadership

While it was recorded in 2014, the information is still available and best of all, free. By signing up, you get access to all the videos so that you can watch them and be inspired.

I’ve been working at the intersection of education, environmental stewardship, and consciousness for several years, and to my knowledge this is now the only online location you can access this kind of information for free. Students especially might benefit from an assignment to watch these videos. Forward to all folks who might be interested.

Together, let’s do all we can to create a sustainable planet for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and for all generations to come.

Access the information here:  Spring of Sustainability

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