Summer of Peace Summit 2016

Bring peace to your heart, your relationships & the world…


When you hear the word “peace,” what comes to mind? war-1247950_1920

Do you think of another era marked by flowers and peace signs? 


  Or, war-torn areas of the world that repeatedly make and break peace treaties with their neighbors?

The good news is that there’s a new definition of peace emerging. One that’s not just about ending wars, but actually making your daily life better. It’s about starting in your heart and relationships and creating a positive ripple through your community and far beyond.

thailand-453393_1920This new peace movement embraces deep spiritual practices as well as grounded, practical actions… and it’s spreading via social consciousness.

Innovative peace building solutions are taking hold across the world — thanks to visionaries who are engaging in global social and political movements and everyday citizens performing great acts of compassion in their homes and communities.

Some of the wisest, most inspiring leaders and passionate activists from all over the world are not only part of it, but guiding the way forward — from The Dalai Lama to Archbishop Desmond Tutu to Jody Williams to Jane Goodall… and more.

fruits-1388848_1920Now, you can join these esteemed thought leaders and trailblazing agents for change during Summer of Peace. During this one-of-a-kind gathering, you’ll discover the latest knowledge, science, insights and practices for peace as well as the inspiration and guidance you need to meet conflict with compassion.

This series features 50+ of the world’s leading peace builders — including Jane Goodall, Neale Donald Walsch, Sharon Salzberg, Ocean Robbins, Audri Scott Williams, Azim Khamisa and so many more — sharing wisdom for co-creating a new peace narrative and effective methods for putting this vision into inspired action.

PLUS — this year’s Summer of Peace will include recorded peace teachings from 5 Nobel Peace Laureates, including The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Shirin Ebadi, Rigoberta Menchú Tum and Jody Williams.

I hope you’ll participate in this extraordinary free online event presented by The Shift Network.  

RSVP here for Summer of Peace — at no charge

This year’s Summer of Peace, includes 4 extraordinary peace summits:

  1. Everyday Peace Summit (Tuesdays: June 28 – September 6)
  2. Global Compassion Summit (July 13-14)
  3. Countering Violent Extremism Summit (August 10-11)
  4. 11 Days of Global Unity (September 11-21)

Join tens of thousands of other global citizens who are excited to co-create a more peaceful life and accelerate this wave of peace building.

Together we can create a legacy of good for generations to come. If you can’t listen live, you’ll receive a downloadable replay of the event.

A few quotes from past Summer of Peace participants:

“This summit has literally changed my life. I had reached the point where I wouldn’t listen to any news anymore. This summit has given me renewed hope, and the understanding that there are MANY people who are doing phenomenal good work in this world.” — Pam

“I can’t think of any other educational forum that touches on so many issues with such depth, looking at how we build peace. Some of the smartest and most inspiring thinkers are sharing their wisdom. It’s an opportunity not to miss.” — Matthew Albracht, The Peace Alliance

“Life changing. Life altering. Life affirming.” — Jude

“Such a generous offering. Truly a way to bring about real peace by showing so many methods through which personal and planetary harmony can be reached. And all is backed by the latest science. I experienced aha! Moments.” — Akasha

Peace is In

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