Rozanne Barr, Comedian Turned Kona Mac Farm Owner, Tells Russian Media that American Bankers Should Be ‘Beheaded’

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One of Hawaii’s newest residents, Comedian and actress Rozanne Barr, made international headlines on Monday when she proposed bringing back the guillotine to behead those who won’t give up their wealth.

The often vile actress who recently filmed 16 episodes of her Kona-based reality show, Rozanne’s Nuts, may have been resentful that her Lifetime series was canceled after just one season.


Some speculate this is another media stunt, like when she announced her candidacy for president under the ‘Green Tea Party’ banner and said she would also be running for Prime Minister of Israel.

But either way, the international media is focusing on her comments about bankers and the economic crisis, especially in light of her support for the “Occupy Wall Street” movement now in its second week in New York City.

While on the Russia Today television, Barr ordered bankers to give back profits and government bail out money they received in 2008 or face “beheading.”

If she were president, Barr said she would bring back the guillotine as a form of punishment and no longer “let children see their guilty leaders get away with murder.”

She said: “First I would allow the guilty bankers to pay, you know, the ability to pay back anything over $100 million [of] personal wealth because I believe in a maximum wage of $100 million.”

“And if they are unable to live on that amount of that amount then they should, you know, go to the re-education camps and if that doesn’t help, then being beheaded,” she said.

Barr made news in Hawaii when she got into a battle with her neighbor in the normally peaceful Kona community, leading her neighbor to file a restraining order against Barr.

TMZ reported in March 2011:

Roseanne Barr claims her neighbor is a gun-toting NIGHTMARE — who slaughtered the comic’s goats as part of a campaign of terror … this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Barr — who lives on a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii — filed a request for a restraining order against her neighbor Roree Oehlman and her husband Richard … claiming the couple has had it out for Rosie since she moved in.

According to the docs, Roseanne claims the problems began from the moment she moved in — when her neighbors declared they don’t want any “Kaballah studying [that means Jewish) people here on the Big Island.”

Roseanne says Roree claims to have guns — and often harasses and even threatens the comic.

In fact, Roseanne claims one morning she found two of her four goats had been killed — and shortly after Rosie discovered the bodies, her neighbor allegedly told Roseanne’s son-in-law, “That’s what happens when you piss people off.”

Rosie wants a judge to ban the couple from getting anywhere near her property — or contacting any member of her family.

Roree, who allegedly witnessed illegal grading on her property, had earlier filed a complaint against Barr in the “interest of public safety.”

The county of Hawaii did cite Barr for the illegal grading on her property and told her to halt work until her permits were applied for and approved.

Barr continued her abrasive behavior and loud dialogue throughout the summer season.

The episodes mainly consisted of her pulling mild stunts and getting into arguments with her partner Johnny Argent and son Jake Pentland as they worked and lived on their 46-acre Hawaii macadamia nut farm located above Waipio Road.





  1. Rozanne Barr, now living in Hawaii, sounds like ex-queen Liliuokalani, who said “I will behead them” when U.S. representative Willis asked her whether she would grant amnesty to the 1893 revolutionaries if Willis were able to persuade President Dole to step down and restore Liliuokalani to the throne.

  2. Looks like you guys have it in for Roseanne. She’s got some good, albeit radical ideas. She enjoys hyperbole when she is making her points of view known. Most people here on the big Island enjoyed her series, as she showed a slice of Big Island life positively. She has highlighted some important issues during her show, that many people may have been previously unaware of. I’m beginning to think that HawaiiReporter has a neoconservative slant. There seems to be a bit of editorializing between the lines, instead of straight forward reporting.

  3. Holy! This is nothing. For the absolutly wildest (!!!!) Roseanne you’ll ever hear: go to you tube enter / Folks, hang on to ur hats!

  4. Barr is a radical Marxist like far too many in Hawaii. These kinds of comments only go to show how radical she truly is – this is not comedic by any standard…she may think she can hide in Hawaii after making inflammatory comments but she needs to know there are well trained patriots who know where she lives and how to deal with radicals like her…

  5. I totally disagree w your inflamatory remarks. Do you not understand satire? See above you tube.

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