Saint Hillary and Reverend Dean – Don’t Believe It

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Howard Dean, the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-NY) jointly hold the dubious distinction of being the only major public figures with less credibility than Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas, the recently elected successor to the late Yassir Arafat, alternately advocates peace and brotherhood with Israel, along with its total annihilation, depending on the particular audience he happens to be addressing. Likewise, both Dean and Clinton are on record as being not only the sworn enemies of conservatism, but also its truest of champions.


Although they disagree on specific tactics in their respective quests for power, and they undoubtedly hold contrasting views as to who should be running the Democrat Party (and ultimately, the country), they are nevertheless inseparably bonded by a devotion to the philosophies of liberalism. It is a mistake to believe the commonly proffered notion that their relationship is purely adversarial.

Furthermore, each has attempted a major “makeover” during recent months, and each expects to benefit from the eager assistance of the mainstream media, where their inconsistencies will no doubt continue to be hidden from public scrutiny. Such jaded coverage would only be consistent with past media behavior.

Consider that, during the eight years of Bill Clinton