San Francisco Group Stops in Hawaii to Push for ‘Economic Fairness’ and State Bank; Hawaii Flight Attendant Makes International News; Flies – Inspiration for New Invention

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San Francisco Group Stops in Hawaii to Push for ‘Economic Fairness’ and State Bank

The Rebuild the Dream’s Economic Revival Campaign, a group from San Francisco that supports the Occupy Wall Street Movement, has organized a rally at the state capitol from 4-9 p.m. to push for so called “economic fairness.”


The group, which is traveling across the country to push its agenda, has teamed up with Faith Action for Community Equity Hawaii, a group of Hawaii community organizers and religious leaders.

Their cause today? The establishment of a state bank.

If House Majority Democrats and these groups get their way, Hawaii will be the second state in the nation with a State Partnership Bank.

House Democrats have led the charge for the legislation, and the bill comes up for a vote in the Senate next week.

Proposals for a state bank include putting Gov. Neil Abercrombie as its chairman and union leaders and other political appointees of Democrat House and Senate leaders as the board members.

Republicans, who make up just 8 seats in the House and one in the Senate, oppose the establishment of a state bank.

They say the institution will be financed by taxpayers, will be led by political insiders and will loan money to people for projects that no private bank would authorize.

The debate inspired this “fat cat” cartoon and parody on AtomicMonkey.

Hawaii Flight Attendant Makes International News

The London Daily Mail featured a flight attendant from Hawaii in its March 19 edition in a feature entitled “Meet America’s oldest flight attendant who has been flying the friendly skies for 63 YEARS”.

Ron Akana, 83, who flies for United Airlines is “the jovial octogenarian is thought to be the longest-serving air steward in aviation history,” the Daily Mail said.

Akana, who is one of the first male flight attendants from here, “is considered Number 1 of all the company’s flight attendants and is given the first choice of schedule.”

Akaka, whose wife was a flight attendant, and now their daughter is a flight attendant as well, can be seen on the flight from Denver to Hawaii.

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Flies – Inspiration for New Invention

Hawaii is fortunate to have talented entrepreneurs and inventors here, and Garden Island News Reporter Vanessa Van Voorhis features one such inventor, Jason Badua, in a recent edition. He has a practical invention – an automated fly repeller he called FUF or “Foof”.

When the summer heat rolls around and the Hawaiian trade winds die, sometimes the rubber slipper isn’t fast enough to swat those pesky buggers away from that meal you are trying to enjoy.

Jason Badua, a network engineer for Oceanit Laboratories in Lihu‘e, Kauai, formed Fly Away Technologies, which promotes and distributes the device. Propellers sit on a table top device that push flies away.

According to The Garden Island News, he has other inventions as well including a “landboard surfing simulator, a tow-in launcher, a shark bite-proof ocean-armor X-Suit and a pathogen- and virus-sensing kitchen cutting board.”

See more about his invention here: and https://indiegogo/fuf

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