Saturday Night Live Star, Victoria Jackson, Plans Night Out with Maui Tea Partiers

Victoria Jackson
Victoria Jackson


Well not exactly.

But Victoria Jackson of “Saturday Night Live” fame is planning a night out with the members of the Maui Tea Party and others on Maui who want to learn more about the tea party movement.

The conservative comedian, who starred for 6 seasons on Saturday Night Live, and is best known for her appearances on “Weekend Updates” with comedian and conservative talk show host, Dennis Miller, will entertain the TEA Party Maui on Thursday, Oct. 20, in Kihei.

The Maui Tea Party, in its announcement about the event, said: “Victoria is now a committed conservative and actively involved with the TEA Party, attending and supporting local events and rallies. She is passionate about her beliefs that government is the problem, and that less government, is the solution.”

The event that is sure to generate considerable political satire, is a casual one. Tea party leaders are asking attendees to bring a potluck item.

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