SB 2045 is Bad for Hawaii: Non-criminal sexually-explicit activities are lumped with criminal ones-

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‘SB 2045, CD1 will be heard Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 2:15PM in conference room 016. This is the testimony presented by the Libertarian Party of Honolulu County’

To the Members of the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Government Operations


The Libertarian Party of Honolulu opposes passage of SB 2045. The bill has an unsettling mix of activities lumped together in the same penalty category. Non-criminal sexually-explicit activities are lumped with criminal ones.

Actors guilty of negligence or deception are treated in the same manner as kidnappers.

Many non-violent acts are added in to the violent crimes listing under 351-32. Under this bill things as minor as “facilitating” access to controlled substances which could involve sharing a marijuana cigarette would become serious felonies.

Perhaps the worst aspect of the bill is its foundation in the moral absolutism of radical feminism. Hawaii is blessed with a harm reduction community that includes a broad coalition of professional agencies with lots of first hand practical knowledge about the issues raised herein.

These are the persons who should be at the table in discussing the alleged issues of trafficking, prostitution, and the best way to deliver social services.

The Hawaii Anti-Trafficking Task Force was set up by the legislature to address the needs for just such a law as SB 2045. None of the professional agencies working in harm reduction was given any representation on this committee.

Even so the committee has not endorsed the efforts of one of its members, (Girlfest), that are represented by SB 2045. A widespread campaign of propaganda aimed at na