SBA’s Jane Sawyer speaks to small business owners Thursday


Jane Sawyer speaks to Smart Business Hawaiie




  1. the SBA is a federal government agency, just one of thousands of government agencies that are tax-payer funded and have little or no effect on improving our far as the SBA is concerned? why is the federal government involved in the credit market anyway? the SBA gives out generous business loans backed by federal gov't guarantees. Well,the failure rate of allSBA loans from 2001-2010 is almost 20%. Costing tax-payers over 6 billion dollars in 2011.And the SBA loan subsidies are a form of corporate welfare for the banking industry.and the Government Accounting Office(GAO)has accused SBA of commiting fraud. We need A free and open market place. we need genuine capitalism.government intervention into our private and business lives makes it very difficult.

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