“Security Breaches” Under Investigation At Tax Department

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Graphic illustration by Emily Metcalf

Governor Neil Abercrombie’s administration is investigating unspecified wrongdoing in the state Tax Department.

The Tax Department said in a press release that “incidents of internal security breaches of the Department’s computer tax database” were recently discovered that dated back to 2008.


“These incidents were immediately referred to the Department of the Attorney General for review and investigation,” the department said.

“The possibility of wrongful actions are extremely disturbing, which is why these matters were immediately reported to the Attorney General.” Said Tax Director Fred Pablo.

Its not known if the breaches resulted in losses of tax revenue or compromises of taxpayer personal information.

The evidence collected was serious enough to warrant placement of an unspecified number of Tax Deparment personnel on “administrative leave without pay while a complete and thorough investigation is conducted,” Pablo’s office said.

Tax spokeswoman Mallory Fujitani did not respond to a request for additional information.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie said in his own press release that “anyone who has participated in or has had knowledge of these activities that date back to at least 2008 will be brought to account.”

Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said she could not add to the very limited information released by the governor and Pablo about the investigation.