Sedona in Ward Center: ‘A Unique Place to Find Yourself’

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BY JENNIFER MEYERS – Malia and Martin Johnson had a vision to inform Hawai‘i residents about metaphysics.

While studying with a spiritual teacher, Martin was introduced to gemstones while living in New York with his wife, Malia.  After he gave his wife a rose quartz egg, she became interested in stones as well.


After deciding to move to Honolulu, they opened Sedona in Ward Centre in 1988 and was given an award as one of the top 50 fasted growing businesses in Hawai‘i.

“I felt we were divinely guided to open Sedona at Ward Centre,” Malia said.  “My husband and I had a personal interest in metaphysics and in particular crystals and gemstones.”

Realizing that O‘ahu had a limited number of metaphysical stores that are generally located in hard to find areas, they decided to open a store that was “comfortable for both men and women, young and old, and people from all walks of life.”

“So we set out to create a store that carried metaphysical products with the relaxing approachable and friendly ambiance that we enjoy, and Sedona was born,” she said.

Malia’s goal was to make metaphysical products more approachable and mainstream and Sedona to be a destination for people on a spiritual path.  Sedona not only attracts customers, but a long working staff as well.

Manager of Sedona, Gregg Nakayama, has been working at the store for over 15 years and is still learning new things, meeting new people and is constantly challenging himself.

“I can’t think of any other place where you’ll find such amazing people who are sincerely wanting to help people,” Nakayama said.  “The unique mix of spiritual and informational resources we have in our employees and what they have to offer can be found nowhere else in Hawai‘i.”

Sedona also offers bi-annual events such as the Gem and Jewelry Show to showcase their more interesting and unusual stones.  They also have crystal singing bowl parties, high vibrational stones workshops and aromatherapy workshops.  One of the aspects that set Sedona aside from other metaphysical stores is there highly accredited staff of psychic readers.

Psychic readers at Sedona specialize in intuitive counseling in relationships, career, health and spiritual growth.  Sedona’s readers have been practicing psychic readings professionally for many years, if not all their lives.

Their gemstones mainly come from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and a few select stone dealers and wholesalers of the U.S.  The stones themselves come from all over the world including such places as Asia, South America, Africa, Australia and Europe.  But Sedona is not just about their products.

Malia strongly believes that what makes Sedona today so enjoyable to its customers is the strong relationship she builds with them.

“Sedona is not in the business of selling things,” she said.  “We are in the business of building solid relationships with our customers; we treat them like our friends.”

With its tagline, “A Unique Place to Find Yourself,” Sedona continues to build relationships with its customers and introduces and informs customers about taking a more spiritual path.

“Our store is a place for self-discovery.  It’s a sanctuary where people can go to try to make sense of things,” Nakayama said.  “Sedona really is a place where people come to find themselves.  And I truly hope that we’ll be here to help people for many many years to come.”

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