SEE Empowers Hawaii’s Unemployed Seeking Jobs, Gets Them to Work

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The Supporting Employment Empowerment (SEE) Program was formally unveiled by the state of Hawaii last Friday.

This program is modeled on a program that has been running in Oregon for a number of years. Both programs were set up under the tutelage of the American Institute for Full Employment — an organization that believes every American citizen should have the opportunity to be gainfully employed.


(In Hawaii, the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii helped coordinate the program and actually was instrumental in bringing American Institute for Full Employment to the state.)

Not only do the people at American Institute for Full Employment articulate this principal, they also put their money where their mouth is. The SEE program was developed in and for Hawaii by the generous financial and resources support of the American Institute for Full Employment. American Institute for Full Employment went so far as to provide multiple specialists to work with the Department of Human Resources, at no charge to the Hawaii taxpayer.

Enough history — what is SEE, and what can it do for Hawaii?

SEE is simply a method of moving people from requiring government financial assistance, to not requiring assistance. In other words, the program is intended to transform welfare recipients into responsible, valuable, tax paying citizens and employees.

How does SEE do that? An employer has to fill out a request for an employee. The request basically states the type of job that they are trying to fill, and the skills required to fill that position.

SEE will then locate recipients who fill that bill, and then notify the requesting employer, providing resumes for at least three candidates.

The employer can then call in any or all of the candidates for an interview, or ask for a new set of candidates.

When the employer finds the candidate that they want, they hire that person at the prevailing entry position wage at their company.