Sen. Sam Slom – Hawaii’s Lone Fiscal Ranger – Needs Support for His No New Taxes Budget Proposal

Sen. Sam Slom - Photo courtesy of Mel Ah Ching Productions
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Sen. Sam Slom - Photo courtesy of Mel Ah Ching Productions

BY KONA TEA PARTY – If you haven’t received your Abercrombie Voice Decoding Ring in the mail we can tell you how it works. Everything Governor Abercrombie says really means the following:  “The citizens of Hawaii are too stupid and indifferent to realize that I don’t give a flying rip about anything but my power, the money the unions give me, and the taxes I can bully the puppet Legislature to pass.”


Hawaii 2011 Legislature ends on May 5th – there are just 9 working days remaining.

Senator Sam Slom, the senate’s one Republican and fiscal conservative, is the only one to have submitted a budget that is sane.

There are 25 Hawaii Senators and only one is Republican.  They tried to knock Senator Sam Slom off of his horse because he submitted a balanced budget that cuts government’s size, stops excessive spending and does not raise taxes.

Politically it is treacherous to humiliate the Governor and the Legislature with a balanced budget that makes them look wasteful, corrupt, ruthless, and incompetent.

They circled their wagons to hide the $900 million new spending, the reinstate of top heavy salaries, give away the farm to the public unions, pad the government with 2,000 personnel, overlook waste and duplication, protect non-essential programs, and fail miserably to keep their promises of a balanced budget.

If it hadn’t been for the Hawaii Reporter, the Associated Press, and the Hawaii Free Press they could have kept the public from noticing.

Corruption and waste are not pretty even when the Governor tries to dignify them with a sweeping cliche such as “Agenda for a New Day.”  Families are struggling to live within their means and are being robbed of their economic dignity.  When we are faced with taxed retirements, increased General Excise tax proposals, outrageous property taxes, and staggering inflation, we are not amused.

In addition, we are witnessing crippling unemployment in the private sector, and yet we know that we are paying for the immoral demands of union bosses for salaries, health benefits and pensions in the public sector. It is infuriating.

If Hawaii’s government refuses to cut back waste, overspending, bloated departments, union demands, and duplication – why should the people be expected to take it on the chin (or lower)?  Why should private sector, struggling  businesses become cash cows for an irresponsible Governor and spineless Legislature?

Here is what you can do:

*Write or call Governor Abercrombie and demand that the Hawaii government live within its means – on our tax money.

*Demand that Senator Slom’s balanced budget “No Alternative Budget” be debated and passed by the Legislature.

The Governor does not include his email and phone number in his propaganda emails but we have them and they are correct: and 808 586-0034

To send an email to all senators:
To send an email to all representatives:

Send emails and leave messages today. Please act immediately. After May 5th it will be too late as the session ends.