Senate candidate Cam Cavasso: Pollsters misleading voters in Hawaii

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Cam Cavasso, Republican candidate for US Senate
Cam Cavasso, Republican candidate for US Senate

Cam Cavasso’s campaign for U.S. Senate has received numerous telephone calls and emails from registered voters complaining about a poll being conducted during their dinner time and evening hours.  The poll is slanted to make people believe they are conducting a poll for the Cam Cavasso campaign.

GOP Candidate for U.S. Senate, Cam Cavasso stated today: “I want to assure the people of Hawaii that my campaign does not have a poll in the field, nor have we conducted any poll over this period.  Whoever the pollsters are should be clear with the voters they are contacting that they are put in the field by others, particularly if they are asking questions about me.  We have been told by the registered voters that the pollsters are asking questions about Cam Cavasso.  Calling during dinner time and making people believe they are from the Cavasso Campaign is a low act and appears to be designed to annoy the voters.  I believe it is possible that my opponent’s supporters are seriously concerned that the rejection of Abercrombie will flow onto Schatz and they’ll do anything to obtain votes.”


Cavasso added “Let’s keep this campaign clean, open and transparent and give voters a chance to understand the clear differences between us. I call on the Schatz campaign to stop this deception and misrepresentation.”